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Posted: January 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s been some time.

I know.

Life’s crazy on my end. My illustration career is in that weird state of doing well, but not well enough where I can quite my day job to just draw all day long!

Wow. That sounded great…draw all day long.

Fortunately my day at job isn’t terrible, and the majority of my week can be nothing but arting! I have many projects currently underway, with a lot more just waiting to be green lit. I constantly feel like I have something on deck. The worst part about it is having to play the waiting game.

But this blog isn’t really dedicated to my illustrator career, but rather everything nerdy under the sun! I feel bad about having kept this site waiting because it’s always been my best option when it came to letting my nerdy self loose in written form.

Facebook’s ok, but people don’t really like reading long statuses.

So what better way than using the start of 2017 as a way to bring this site back in full force??

Well, not really full force. More just me getting off my lazy ass and start blogging again. Although I hear blogging is yesterday’s news. Which makes me an old foggie.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Be on the look out for more articles and nerdy schtuff!


I guess the question is, who would be her running mate? In any case, this SHOULD happen! Right? I’m all for Bernie, but the closer we get, the less likely a Bernie Sanders presidency seems. But Wonder Woman as president? Yes, yes, a THOUSAND times yes!

wonder woman for president

But, who knows, she may not have even consider running for such an office. She does get a little mift at American’s inability to adhere to compassion and fairness. So, if nothing else, we could go with another set of presidential possibilities who have PROVEN political and military skills, as well as bringing down the evil surrounding everyone and being a pivotal piece in ending tyranny!


Mothma/Ackbar 2016

Mon Mothma as President and Admirel Ackbar as her running mate? I mean, really! Mothma has, on multiple occasions shown her leadership abilities with true integrity and passion. She’s also not someone to beat around the bush, lie, or do anything that would give us an inkling she’s not on the side of the people. And Ackbar, always loyal, always true to the leadership, but never forgets about the people he serves. This is the dream team of politics!

What are your thoughts? Who would YOU vote for? Who would YOU rather see running for the highest office in the nation?


Rob Liefeld. Creator of Deadpool. The biggest douche bag in the comics industry, and the fans are going bat shit crazy over his pride and joy’s first movie. I wanted to hate this film so bad.

But I didn’t.

I worked on so many levels – the casting was extraordinary, the jokes fit well, the editing worked, the music was chosen perfectly, and overall the movie looked great! I can see why everyone fell in love with it and have seen it multiple times in its opening weekend.

I won’t be.

See, I’m truly conflicted here. The creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld, is someone I truly dislike. His outspoken ways about the comics industry in general are enough for me to think he’s a tool, but the way he’s called comic creators out doesn’t help his case as well. He’s also a shitty artist who really needs to stop.

I’ve also never been a fan of Deadpool. I tried to get into the comic a few years ago, and while the first few reads were fun, after a full year of reading the book, it never turned into anything except pages of cheap laughs, stupid one liners, and a character who’s purpose never developed further than what I’ve already listed.



With that being said, I also recognize that Deadpool is meant for a certain type of audience. I’m not against violence, sex, or other adult oriented material on the big screen, but my cinematic appetite craves something more substantial than simply that.

And don’t worry, I wasn’t so jaded that I didn’t notice an emotionally driven plot, giving the character a much sympathetic persona. He was tormented, scared, and had to deal with a certain level of low self-esteem. That, in and of itself, was something I appreciated.

With the combination of disliking the creator, and disliking the character of Deadpool just as much, I had very low expectations going into the film. But here’s where my conflict comes into play. I always try to go into a movie and rate it as an entity by itself – not judging how well it stays true to the source material, but based on what it was trying to accomplish as a film. And the truth is, Deadpool, as a film in and of itself, was good!

I won’t go into the hype of the R rating. It seems the majority of people like it mostly for that reason. I also won’t go into the how parents who takes their children to an R rated film really aren’t paying close attention to the rating system anymore. What I will say about the film is that, while I do think it was good, it isn’t great.

Deadpool’s story is fun, but predictable. it’s smart, but typical. It does most things right, but isn’t innovative or necessarily creative. All of its elements work exactly the way they should, but nothing that happens is new or different. The writing works great, but nothing about it screams exceptional. Everything about Deadpool works, and it works well. But nothing about Deadpool merits the hype its received.

It’s fun. Plain and simple. And that, by itself, makes the movie worth going to see. I did find myself a little bored in some spots, and I also wondered if some of the jokes (like the repetitive use of Christmas) was a little TOO repetitive. But, as always, Ryan Reynolds kicks major ass, and the references he makes, as Deadpool, to…well…everything, was so well done.

So, how do I, in my own mind, make it OK for me to have enjoyed a movie about a character I don’t like, created by someone I think is a bad mark on the comics industry overall?

Well, Deadpool is a douche nozzle. Rob Liefeld is a douche nozzle. Could it be possible that this movie, while being entertaining, is also giving us a clear representation of the type of person Rob Liefeld actually is? He’s a tool, smart mouthed, a smart ass, knows how to market a property no matter how bad it is, and always uses insults as a way of compensating for his own inadequacy…..yeah, this seems like Liefeld. In turn, like Deadpool

While I know this is not what the film was trying to do, something small, deep inside of me wants to believe it to be so. So this movie, for me, sums up Rob Liefeld to perfection.

I know this is me finding an excuse to hate on Liefeld, but when you don’t like someone, it’s hard not to find an excuse to do so.

Oh, beware of full frontal nudity, if you care about that. And for the most part, the violence isn’t that bad. Some scenes MAY force you to slightly cover your eyes, but if you’re use to Tarantino films, Deadpool’s violence doesn’t hold a candle to it.


Gaiman-book signing-oldfirehousebooks

At my favorite local bookstore, Old Fire House Books here in Fort Collins CO, Neil Gaiman (American Gods, The Sandman, Caroline, Stardust, The Ocean at the End of the Lane) paid us a visit. His latest publication of short stories, Trigger Warning, came out just a few days ago and he started a competition – any bookstore that wants to try and sell the most copies of Ocean at the End of the Lane, will win a visit by him to sign whatever books people want him to sign.

Old Firehouse Books won, and he came.

I met him. Got four books signed. Shook his hand. I said thank you, He said “You’re very welcome!” And I walked out with one of the biggest smiles on my face I’ve ever had.

gaiman signed books


I’ve always had the highest amount of respect for Mr. Gaiman, but now, getting to meet him, all the feels I had have jumped exponentially! I got to the store at 8:45 am and was lucky enough to be 7th in line. The doors opened at 4:00. It was glorious! Well worth the wait.

That’s really all I wanted to say. Nothing new to report here. I know it’s been a while since my last post. Been real busy. But every should go buy Trigger Warning, or anything else by Neil Gaiman. Everything he writes is perfect!

Uncertain how official the story is, but it’s definitely intriguing. I’m not one who’s usually on board with the recent trend of companies giving purely evil characters a sympathetic twist, but this proves interesting. I haven’t played the most recent Zelda game so some of the references went over my head, but it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I look forward to seeing this continue!

Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

You see, Even the nastiest of people celebrate the holidays.

I’ve been lagging in posting as of late. My apologies. Trying to start up my own illustration website/business has kept me quite busy. More than likely, that will be my focus for the next few months, so expect the slowness of posts to continue for a bit longer.

But it is Christmas, and I always try to say thank you to my readers at some point. All of my random, incoherent jargon constantly comes out on this site without a second thought, and you guys continually come back with good things to say. Thank you, dear readers, and Merry Christmas.

Australian news has a great sense of humor! At least I hope this is a legit news source. I really have no idea what paper this came from, but it’s proof that good things still exist in the world. Can you note the typos? (intentional or not)

The first line is true though – many lovers of Cumberbatch are sobbing. They lost their chance. Now they’ll have to choose amongst the many mere mortals as their soul mates. (life is tough)

buffalo custardbath