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I’m not phasing out Heretical Jargon, I promise. I just have a lot on my plate these days. The tabs above will give you a hint as to what I’m trying to do. I’m drawing like a crazy person! The tabs at the top will show a book I’ve illustrated, a logo for a website I designed, as well as a webcomic that I publish on a weekly basis. It’s all connected to my illustration business, which I’ve called “Illustrator Jimmy.”

This site will still be used for my nerdy rants and comic bookish posts, but it’s going to remain much more casual as I’ll be very busy promoting myself, my business, and illustrating A LOT! So every once and a while you’ll see posts about something really epic and cool that I’m doing on the illustrative side of things, but I’m still going to keep blogging here about comics, movies, etc etc. It just won’t be that frequent. Twice a month, max!

But please, check out my web comic, The Post Apocalyptic Adventures of Sally and Jack, a story my 4th grade class from last year wrote! We spent a whole school year working on the story, developing characters and world building – allowing them to let their creative juices flow!

Also, go find my facebook page, Illustrator Jimmy, and keep updated as to when my website is up and running!

Peace out nerds!

I hated Power Rangers growing up. My sister loved the show, but me, yuck. TMNT was where it was at for me! I honestly didn’t see the appeal in the show, or the franchise. Same thing week after week. Even as a middle schooler who didn’t really get how the rhetoric of TV plot lines worked, I figure out that Power Rangers was boring and WAY TOO predictable.

That being said, as I’ve gotten older, the Power Rangers franchise appeals to me much, much more. I actually get excited about Power Ranger references and enjoy monster movies and TV shows much more as an adult than I did as a kid. But now, with the reboot hitting the internet by storm, I’m geeking out over Power Rangers like crazy! I’ve embedded the excellently done fan film here in this post. WARNING! This is not your kid friendly rendition of Power Rangers!

Jason David Frank had his thoughts to say on the fan film. He didn’t really like it, but doesn’t necessarily tell his fans they’re wrong for liking it. To him it’s linked to a currently running franchise that kids are still watching today, and for a fan to create a bloody, somewhat sexualize fritty reboot isn’t the right thing to do.

His opinion. But for me, I loved it! I honestly hope there’s more of this style of Power Rangers to come from Adi Shankar.


Gaiman-book signing-oldfirehousebooks

At my favorite local bookstore, Old Fire House Books here in Fort Collins CO, Neil Gaiman (American Gods, The Sandman, Caroline, Stardust, The Ocean at the End of the Lane) paid us a visit. His latest publication of short stories, Trigger Warning, came out just a few days ago and he started a competition – any bookstore that wants to try and sell the most copies of Ocean at the End of the Lane, will win a visit by him to sign whatever books people want him to sign.

Old Firehouse Books won, and he came.

I met him. Got four books signed. Shook his hand. I said thank you, He said “You’re very welcome!” And I walked out with one of the biggest smiles on my face I’ve ever had.

gaiman signed books


I’ve always had the highest amount of respect for Mr. Gaiman, but now, getting to meet him, all the feels I had have jumped exponentially! I got to the store at 8:45 am and was lucky enough to be 7th in line. The doors opened at 4:00. It was glorious! Well worth the wait.

That’s really all I wanted to say. Nothing new to report here. I know it’s been a while since my last post. Been real busy. But every should go buy Trigger Warning, or anything else by Neil Gaiman. Everything he writes is perfect!

Uncertain how official the story is, but it’s definitely intriguing. I’m not one who’s usually on board with the recent trend of companies giving purely evil characters a sympathetic twist, but this proves interesting. I haven’t played the most recent Zelda game so some of the references went over my head, but it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I look forward to seeing this continue!

Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

You see, Even the nastiest of people celebrate the holidays.

I’ve been lagging in posting as of late. My apologies. Trying to start up my own illustration website/business has kept me quite busy. More than likely, that will be my focus for the next few months, so expect the slowness of posts to continue for a bit longer.

But it is Christmas, and I always try to say thank you to my readers at some point. All of my random, incoherent jargon constantly comes out on this site without a second thought, and you guys continually come back with good things to say. Thank you, dear readers, and Merry Christmas.

Australian news has a great sense of humor! At least I hope this is a legit news source. I really have no idea what paper this came from, but it’s proof that good things still exist in the world. Can you note the typos? (intentional or not)

The first line is true though – many lovers of Cumberbatch are sobbing. They lost their chance. Now they’ll have to choose amongst the many mere mortals as their soul mates. (life is tough)

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