This is way too cute NOT to post here. A baby watches the Man of Steel fly for the first time. His reaction is priceless and happy. This is probably how I would have responded too. Enjoy!

captain america winter soldier posterIt’s been a while. Since March 27. This lag in my blogging endeavors has been due to REALLY GOOD REASONS! I’m a teacher at a charter school and there’s lots of things going on which have occupied my mind. I had a lot of catching up to do on my comic reading, and I’m drawing a heck of a lot, not to mention working on a Science Fiction novel with no end in sight. (If you’re a writer/editor and want to help, PLEASE contact me! S.O.S.) With all of the things going on in my life, I still read my comics AND went to the movies – and Captain America 2 was a priority for me.

I loved it. Nuff said right? They jumped it up quite a few notches, and Cap 1 was amazing to begin with. The film felt a lot more modern yet didn’t compromise what Captain America stands with anything “newish.” I thought the script was corny, but not awkward like the first film felt. Plus there was a lot less BAD German accents.

I don’t think I need to run down what the comic is about, it’s pretty self-explanatory in the title. The movie title, too, doesn’t leave much to wonder about – Cap’N is living his life quietly (or as quietly as he can) in New York, still adjusting to this new America that doesn’t necessarily represent the ideals he grew up with, with exception to a few patches of old school morality here and there. The twist happens when Shield learns there’s infiltration afoot in their systems and ranks by an unfamiliar enemy to the states, but exceptionally familiar to Captain America.

But, of course, the big reveal comes in the form of a mysterious villain named the Winter Soldier. It’s not a big surprise for those of us familiar with the comics, which was a worry I had going in. I thought “how in the world are they going to make this interesting?” Iron Man 3 tried very hard to throw in the twist, and failed. Was Cap’N 2 going to try something similar? Thankfully no, they didn’t. The refreshing part about the entire film is that, while the obvious bad guy stays the obvious bad guy, the twists and turns happen within the plot surrounding the Cap and Winter Soldier. Of course this means I’m going to have to rewrite a big chunk of my own novel. (Human consciousness implanted within an entire computer system…That was MY IDEA!!!!)

I won’t talk about the actors and actresses – they all kicked ass. If the script was poorly written, the performances made it look otherwise. Of course I wasn’t quite sure I understood the post credit scenes. Mostly I walked out wondering  what I was supposed to be curious about. Nothing which detracts from the overall enjoyment of the film, but it still forced my head to tilt to the side in a questioning manner.

I DID leave the theater thinking this Marvel installment was better than the Avengers though. Not by much, but definitely better. Age of Ultron can’t get here soon enough.

9 out of 10 stars

Ok, I’m starting to feel better about this whole thing. Knock on wood, it seems this might actually be worth the price of admission. It looks like it’ll have the right amount of dark plot involved while still being as silly as TMNT is supposed to be. I’ll remain keeping up to date on all the news, but as far as I’m concerned at this moment, this looks promising.

Batman Coffee Cup Art

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While lazing about on my day off from work, I decided to go to a local coffee shop and bum around and draw. I ended up doodling a Batman face on the cup that held my mocha. Nothing I do is without inspiration, so of course someone else already had the idea of doing a Bat-face on a to-go cup, but it’s still fun to do.


The fun part of this is, I’m leaving it here at the shop, just to see if anyone finds it. I wonder if they try to find out the artist (ME ME ME ME!!!) and comment on here that they found it? If they do, AWESOME! More than likely, however, it’ll get trashed by one of the employees.


Alice X. Zhang’s computer-based paintings are phenomenally nerdy! Fellow Dr. Who and Harry Potter fan’s heads will explode with the images of their favorite characters painted in such gorgeous displays of color and artistry. But even for the non nerds, this will still be a selection of art they can appreciate.

She doesn’t reveal much about herself, but all of her work can be found either on her Deviant Art page or on Instagram, both of which shows her best work.

alice x zhang - pocahontus

My medium of choice is drawing. I was never able to get a handle on painting and really have no desire to learn the craft, but boy do I appreciate those who CAN make wonderful works of art through paints. Especially to the quality that Alice Zhang does.

alice x zhang - Dr Who

She doesn’t just dive into the celebrity recreations, however. Zhang also does some original work based on what’s in her own imagination. The kind of artists I blog about are typically the ones who toggle between fandom and originality, both of which I have a high amount of respect for. Alice has definitely inspired me to try a few new things out.

alice x zhang - provincial life

I was wondering when this little romance was going to start getting good. Most of Wondy and Supe’s relationship has been boring and unnecessary since it started. As much as I’ve always thought the two would work well together, this whole ordeal hasn’t been that eventful. I was beginning to think I had been wrong all these years.

Charles Soule, however, has finally raised the bar in the super relationship, forcing its longevity, making it feel fruitful and worth the wait.


Oh, they both die at the end too. Sorry for spoilers, I just can’t hold it in.

Of course it won’t last, and we’ll see Supes and Wondy revived and at full power. Maybe they’ll even level up! Yes, achievement unlocked! The power of love will give them new abilities to fight the good fight together in much more substantial ways.

It’s all speculation on my part of course, but I’m excited as can be for what’s to come for this super duo. I’m actually hoping Lois Lane doesn’t become Superman’s love interest for a while. I want to see where where Supes’ involvement of Wonder Woman goes.


Yup, you guessed it, the fanboys are throwing a hissy fit over the the low quality stills of Grant Gustin jumping and walking around in his new Flash costume for the upcoming series.

Let’s see, how often do fans judge the post-production news prior to release? It’s more common than needs to be. If you don’t like the CW’s dark and gritty approach to famous comic heroes, that’s fine. But don’t let your enjoyment of the current incarnation dictate any preconceived notions you may have prior to the show’s release.

Personally, I’m much more excited for this show than I was about Arrow. And the costume itself seems to reflect the character much better than past versions. Flash is a much slimmer superhero and shouldn’t be as bulked up as Superman or Batman. But if you’re worried about the more “out of the closet” wardrobe look, well, low-quality photos really aren’t the best way to qualify the quality of a costume’s design.