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I guess the question is, who would be her running mate? In any case, this SHOULD happen! Right? I’m all for Bernie, but the closer we get, the less likely a Bernie Sanders presidency seems. But Wonder Woman as president? Yes, yes, a THOUSAND times yes!

wonder woman for president

But, who knows, she may not have even consider running for such an office. She does get a little mift at American’s inability to adhere to compassion and fairness. So, if nothing else, we could go with another set of presidential possibilities who have PROVEN political and military skills, as well as bringing down the evil surrounding everyone and being a pivotal piece in ending tyranny!


Mothma/Ackbar 2016

Mon Mothma as President and Admirel Ackbar as her running mate? I mean, really! Mothma has, on multiple occasions shown her leadership abilities with true integrity and passion. She’s also not someone to beat around the bush, lie, or do anything that would give us an inkling she’s not on the side of the people. And Ackbar, always loyal, always true to the leadership, but never forgets about the people he serves. This is the dream team of politics!

What are your thoughts? Who would YOU vote for? Who would YOU rather see running for the highest office in the nation?


Yup, nothing really needs to be said here. The statue speaks for itself…

ARTFX Wonder Woman Statue

EPIC RIGHT?!?!? Of course everyone who follows me knows I’m a sucker for the Amazon Princess. Which means every Wonder Woman statue and action figure are my coveting treasures, but without a doubt, THIS Wondy statue installment is my favorite of them all.

I’m not usually one for promoting the superhero toys, statues, and busts, but I couldn’t resist with this one. Head on over to the Kotobukiya website to read more about the wondrous and incredibly detailed work of art! They did the entire trinity as well, just FYI.

I was wondering when this little romance was going to start getting good. Most of Wondy and Supe’s relationship has been boring and unnecessary since it started. As much as I’ve always thought the two would work well together, this whole ordeal hasn’t been that eventful. I was beginning to think I had been wrong all these years.

Charles Soule, however, has finally raised the bar in the super relationship, forcing its longevity, making it feel fruitful and worth the wait.


Oh, they both die at the end too. Sorry for spoilers, I just can’t hold it in.

Of course it won’t last, and we’ll see Supes and Wondy revived and at full power. Maybe they’ll even level up! Yes, achievement unlocked! The power of love will give them new abilities to fight the good fight together in much more substantial ways.

It’s all speculation on my part of course, but I’m excited as can be for what’s to come for this super duo. I’m actually hoping Lois Lane doesn’t become Superman’s love interest for a while. I want to see where where Supes’ involvement of Wonder Woman goes.

Choose - lois or Wondy

Sometimes I wonder if the people my age (the guys) who read comics are clueless or just horny…or a combination of the two.

Here’s the thing, I understand that superhero comics objective females, but so do many other forms of media out there. I choose to read superhero comics for 1) nostalgic reasons, and 2) because there are some stories that are actually well written. Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman stories are some of the most substantial stories about a strong female character without becoming too overbearing with the female pride. And Scott Snyder’s current Batman run is crushing anything being published in comics right now.

However, fans of superhero comics get caught up with the sexual tension that obviously happens in comics – just like with most stories – and allowing it to take center stage in their minds. The above image was posted on facebook a while ago. It’s amazing artwork and I love the artist who penciled and inked it, but instead of talking about how gorgeous this piece of art is, the main topic is of concern is all about Superman choosing between two women who are virtually naked.

When did “The Bachelor” become Superman?

Wonder Woman and Lois Lane are strong characters. Not just strong FEMALE characters, but simply strong characters in general, and dehumanizing them in the way the Facebook fans are doing isn’t doing the trifecta justice. Superman never thinks to himself “Let’s see, do I want to have sex with the black haired gorgeous women who just finished taking a shower, or the black haired gorgeous women in the underwear and a smile?”

It’s an embarrassing thing for comics when fans can’t get past the sex. What are your thoughts on this, dear reader…


Before your nerd rage goes into over-drive, realize that this image is, in fact, sarcasm. It’s obvious Wonder Woman is the film comic book fans want – generally at least. With the right director behind the wheel and a fantastic writer as well, Wonder Woman has the potential of being the best superhero film ever made.

Of course those conditions could apply to every superhero movie, huh? I think the reason why people want a Wonder Woman movie so bad is because of how incredible her character is and how she’s constantly getting the shaft from WB. DC Comics treats her well, but for some reason a movie seems to be unrealistic to the movie makers.

In any case, all the reason for NOT making a Wonder Woman film are wrong.


We keep hearing from the people at Warner Bros. that a Wonder Woman film isn’t what the fans want or that it would be too hard to make. Yet hear comes a fan who pulls this epic fan trailer out of nowhere, sending a message to WB that a Wonder Woman film is not only something the fans want, but can be done right! Rainfall films has a youtube channel, and you should check out all of their other movies.

I’m not sure how much more pleading and begging fans can do until WB finally realizes that a Wonder Woman film IS what the fans want, and that they SHOULD get this going. ┬áMy recommendation? Hire Gail Simone to write the script. Get some people who’ve worked on the comic book to make this movie what it should be and it’ll be great.

My thoughts, that is all.