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(Warning, This isn’t the Jesus you’re looking for. Offense could be taken.)

Yeah, it happened. Jesus, at one time, fought the Greek Gods. The original article can be found over at Comic Book Resources, but why go there when you’re already here right? (smiles) 

To be honest, I don’t really care when comics (especially superhero comics) venture out into the ridiculous.  I actually love those kind of stories, but they still has to be written well. And Rob Liefeld will never be the guy to answer the call of writing GOOD stories, much less DRAWING good comics. Give a subject like this to Gail Simone. She could make Superhero Jesus worth the read!

There are also times where I wonder why some of my favorite artists put out poor work. Ed Benes is one of my favorite comic book artists, and this is no where near his best work. Makes me wonder if a bad script leaves little room for artistic inspiration.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still great art, but if you compare it to his other stuff, there’s no comparison.

To give you some context – in the mid 90’s Avengelyne and Glory are two superheroes created by Liefeld that toggled between calling Image and Maximum Press their homes. Avengelyne had a dream where the Greek Gods were upset with Christianity, therefore Christ, because no one was worshiping them anymore. This, of course, was alluding to the fact that the Gods were planning a war in real life, but in the dream sequence they were pitted against Christianity’s hero. There’s so much more bad stuff going on in this story, but I’ll let you judge it for yourself…







So…there you go. This might be your cup of tea, but not for me. I’d read it just so I have more material to work with when I need to make fun of Rob Liefeld, but it’s not that hard to find a way to poke fun at him. Just type his name in Google and let the hilarity begin!


Who knew that a simply comic book reader/blogger like could get at the heart strings of an “accomplished” writer/artist?  I’m usually not a mean person, but there are certain people out there simply tick me off due to their relentless attitude which is dictated by their bitter attitudes towards others.

Today on Twitter, Rob Liefeld took some time out of his busy schedule to tweet his feelings about his current career change…


Now I’m not saying DC Comics is this all-perfect company that always treats their employees right, but I do get annoyed by people’s inabilities to move on.  Certainly Liefeld is a man who’s capable of doing that right?

Basically, with my already existing hatred for Liefeld as an author and artist, I simply had enough of his rants and dared to take a jab at him.  This was the result…


Isn’t that sweet?  I’m important enough to Rob that he decided to respond to me!  Little ol’ me!  I probably took it a bit far with my 3rd post, but I honestly didn’t care.  This was one of those moments where I felt the need to put a “celebrity” in his place.  I’m sure he feels no sense of defeat, and that’s fine by me, but I certainly hope this guy knows he’s probably one of the more less-liked creators in the comic book industry.

Moving on to better things, like Gail Simone, Geoff Johns, and Scott Snyder, the REAL talent within DC’s creator regime…