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Ok, so it’s always been a thing to be wary of dragons, and asking favors of them has really never proven fruitful. However, Benedict Cumberbatch certainly knows how to deliver the request of an awesomely dressed women sporting her LOTR buttons.


From the Jezebel articleShe’s supposed to be a writer too, but your belief in that won’t outlast Wilde scampering naked through hotel corridors once Neeson playfully locks her out of his room. With that tush, who’d need to be literate? Who’d want to?

Wait, people still use the word “tush” these days?? Not only does GQ make themselves out to be an ignorant company when it comes to sexism, they’ve also proven their ability to revert back to dated phrases that morons use daily who sit in their comfy chair in a tank top, with a remote control in one hand, and a beer in the other.

These are Tom Carson’s words, over at GQ, when reviewing the film “Third Person” which pits Wilde as an aspiring writer that gets stuck in a series of troublesome events involving three couples in Rome. I haven’t seen, nor had I heard of it until now.

Thankfully, Olivia Wilde responds in the best way possible…

olivia wilde kiss my smart ass


Arbitrary standards of beauty and intelligence can’t be one and the same, huh? It’s unbelievable how many times I’ve seen, and heard, women accused of being defined by their looks simply because they like to dress nice. What are your thoughts, dear readers? How should one be measured when it comes to looks and intelligence? Or should they be? Why do you think this arbitrary notion that beautiful people wouldn’t want, or even need, to pursue a life of excellence in literacy and/or academia?


We keep hearing from the people at Warner Bros. that a Wonder Woman film isn’t what the fans want or that it would be too hard to make. Yet hear comes a fan who pulls this epic fan trailer out of nowhere, sending a message to WB that a Wonder Woman film is not only something the fans want, but can be done right! Rainfall films has a youtube channel, and you should check out all of their other movies.

I’m not sure how much more pleading and begging fans can do until WB finally realizes that a Wonder Woman film IS what the fans want, and that they SHOULD get this going. ┬áMy recommendation? Hire Gail Simone to write the script. Get some people who’ve worked on the comic book to make this movie what it should be and it’ll be great.

My thoughts, that is all.

samuel l jackson

Isn’t funny how reviewers and parents give films bad ratings because of how it “affected” their children? It’s fairly common. Instead of reading a movie’s description before going to see it, they simply go and hope for the best…with their children. Cars 2, Man of Steel, Coraline, and so many more all get the same kind of feedback from parents – the exposure to torture, death, etc etc, all brought a very similar response…that their children were traumatized.

Why don’t we all sit back and take a lesson from the great one himself, Samuel L. Jackson…