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Neil Gaiman’s novels are getting the audio book treatment faster than most! Next week Tuesday The Graveyard Book will be available for all to listen to! Audible has it available for pre-order, and Harper Audio is ready to take those pre-orders as well. If you thought hearing Neil Gaiman read his book himself was fun, take a listen to the talent flooding this NEW fully casted audio book!

I remember starting this book with my 4th graders in our morning reading groups last year. The kids loved it. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s about a boy who wanders into a graveyard and is raised by ghosts! About a week into the book, however, we had reached Chapter three and I began receiving some angry and concerned emails from parents that this book was too scary for their child, or was too inappropriate for 4th graders to hear. So, at some point in week two I decided to call it quits on The Graveyard Book. My class was upset by this, but they understood.

It’s hard for me to comply with parents who judge stories, not on their content, but on the little snippets of things that, ultimately, aren’t that important in the grand scheme of the lesson’s that the main characters learn before the story’s end. I understand that there ARE kids who do get scared very easily, and books like That Graveyard Book might be too much for them as a 9 or 10 year old. But it’s evidence that I grew up much more differently than the majority of students that attend the school I’m no longer employed at.

What I loved about this book was, amongst all of the hocus pocus, ghosty whosting, and demonic praising, the book is about kids growing up and how difficult it can be. I saw this in my 4th graders early on and decided they needed to hear a story they can relate too – about how tough growing up is. A story that doesn’t present the struggles of life in a simple way, but portrays it as honestly and horrifically as it should be. The Graveyard Book is about a boy who deals with his terrifying struggles on his own and triumphs. It doesn’t matter though, unfortunately. Parents only look for the bad and none of the good. All they could see was, at the book’s beginning, a man, with a knife, who came into a house at night and murdered a boy’s parents. And the little boy would have been a victim too had he not gotten away.

Wait, isn’t there a multi-million dollar selling children’s book that starts out just like this? About a boy who becomes a wizard?


An award winning animated adaption of Neil Gaiman’s poem, celebrating Christmas in the creepiest way possible. Why does Christmas always have to be happy and chipper? We need a little horror in our Christmas season right?

Well now, here’s a new one.  Should we be surprised though?  We have movies about human centipedes, famous presidents chopping up vampires, and girls falling in love with zombies, what’s a movie about squirrels taking over the world gonna hurt?

Director Timur Bekmambetov is putting together a film on this very subject, proof with the trailer below.  You might recognized his directorial trademark through a recent cinematic release title Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  For me, a film like this is right up my alley.  I’m not a huge fan of horror movies unless they have a humorous twist.  Cabin in the Woods is an excellent example. But before you go on, please, watch the trailer be ready to ask, “really?”

The truth is there have many suspenseful movies made about animals attacking humans which have done quite well.  Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” for example.  So who’s to say this is going to be one big flop.  From what I can tell, I’m going to laugh the whole way through , which is what it seems bent on doing.

But maybe this is a diversion by the the REAL threat…killer cows from outer space! Stay alert everyone, those cows are after us!