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A quote from Kevin Smith, retooled into a comic strip that’s 100% true! Zen Pencils creates truly inspiring cartoon strips that are amazing and have more positive and moralistic storytelling then most 600 pages novels do. This latest strip shows how encouraging young artists is the best thing you can do. Sure, you need to make sure they understand reality, but you should never put up walls for a child’s ability to create! Thank you Zen Pencils!




Alice X. Zhang’s computer-based paintings are phenomenally nerdy! Fellow Dr. Who and Harry Potter fan’s heads will explode with the images of their favorite characters painted in such gorgeous displays of color and artistry. But even for the non nerds, this will still be a selection of art they can appreciate.

She doesn’t reveal much about herself, but all of her work can be found either on her Deviant Art page or on Instagram, both of which shows her best work.

alice x zhang - pocahontus

My medium of choice is drawing. I was never able to get a handle on painting and really have no desire to learn the craft, but boy do I appreciate those who CAN make wonderful works of art through paints. Especially to the quality that Alice Zhang does.

alice x zhang - Dr Who

She doesn’t just dive into the celebrity recreations, however. Zhang also does some original work based on what’s in her own imagination. The kind of artists I blog about are typically the ones who toggle between fandom and originality, both of which I have a high amount of respect for. Alice has definitely inspired me to try a few new things out.

alice x zhang - provincial life