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Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

You see, Even the nastiest of people celebrate the holidays.

I’ve been lagging in posting as of late. My apologies. Trying to start up my own illustration website/business has kept me quite busy. More than likely, that will be my focus for the next few months, so expect the slowness of posts to continue for a bit longer.

But it is Christmas, and I always try to say thank you to my readers at some point. All of my random, incoherent jargon constantly comes out on this site without a second thought, and you guys continually come back with good things to say. Thank you, dear readers, and Merry Christmas.


A quote from Kevin Smith, retooled into a comic strip that’s 100% true! Zen Pencils creates truly inspiring cartoon strips that are amazing and have more positive and moralistic storytelling then most 600 pages novels do. This latest strip shows how encouraging young artists is the best thing you can do. Sure, you need to make sure they understand reality, but you should never put up walls for a child’s ability to create! Thank you Zen Pencils!


Over at Naterade, the animator of said Tumblr promotes civil relations between peers in artistic and amazing ways. My favorite post of his is one where a good and bad relationship is contrasted against each other, and it all turns into something epic and nerdy! Who knows when aliens will attack the Earth? I’d better start playing nice with everyone I know to ensure I have allies for an upcoming attack by Martians!


be friendly -1

be friendly -2

be friendly -3

be friendly -4

be friendly -5

be friendly -6

be friendly -7

be friendly -8

be friendly -9

be friendly -10



Alice X. Zhang’s computer-based paintings are phenomenally nerdy! Fellow Dr. Who and Harry Potter fan’s heads will explode with the images of their favorite characters painted in such gorgeous displays of color and artistry. But even for the non nerds, this will still be a selection of art they can appreciate.

She doesn’t reveal much about herself, but all of her work can be found either on her Deviant Art page or on Instagram, both of which shows her best work.

alice x zhang - pocahontus

My medium of choice is drawing. I was never able to get a handle on painting and really have no desire to learn the craft, but boy do I appreciate those who CAN make wonderful works of art through paints. Especially to the quality that Alice Zhang does.

alice x zhang - Dr Who

She doesn’t just dive into the celebrity recreations, however. Zhang also does some original work based on what’s in her own imagination. The kind of artists I blog about are typically the ones who toggle between fandom and originality, both of which I have a high amount of respect for. Alice has definitely inspired me to try a few new things out.

alice x zhang - provincial life


Andreas Englund, a Swedish artist takes us through the life of a superhero who probably reached the end of his illustrious crime fighting career a couple of decades ago. Without intending to, he follows the same idea that Alex Ross had with his masterful book, Kingdom Come. However, the difference is THIS anonymous superhero isn’t in any position to reclaim his vigilante status.  Yet, here he is, kicking in the faces of evil doers everywhere.


Determined yet tired. A proud moment for this chap indeed.

A statement was made by Philipp Windmüller describing point of Englund’s gorgeous oil painting series, talking about how the accomplishments of the elderly need to be remembered and recognized:

In a kind of tender comic on a huge canvas, Englund describes the hero who is slowly but surely spending his remaining years with human traits as a link between the artist himself and the viewer. It was extremely important to Englund to portray the aging process with an intensified presence. If you want to accord credibility to a character, the character himself needs to face up reality and the aging process. He has to acknowledge to himself that he cannot live up to expectations and that the “perfect life” is nothing more than wishfulness. Englund’s artworks are focused on the maturing process. Even in the old age it is still possible to achieve something valuable although someone’s drive and vigour won’t bluster out explosively. Nevertheless everybody in his advanced age deserves to be recognised and respected for what he has achieved in life.


Even superheroes get scared.

Englund’s photorealistic paintings can be found on his website and are available for purchase.

I’ve always been fascinated by stories that depict the superhero lifestyle in realistic terms, making it seem not so glamorous as many comics tend to do. I love superheros. Everyone of you who follow me here at Heretical Jargon should know that. However I also understand and accept the ridiculous and unrealistic nature of the superhero genre. Superheroes have a direct connection to the classical Greek and Roman “Heroes Quest” type of stories; a hero has to face him or herself against immeasurable odds, coming to terms with their inner demons…that and fighting giant monsters, space baddies, and intergalactic evils which threaten the very existence of humanity. (More or less) So I can appreciate artists and storytellers taking a step back to remind us that superheroes, if they were real, would be a laughable lifestyle.

But Philipp Windmüller is right on target with his comments about the elderly and recognizing their achievements in life, no matter how small or big they are.


The man himself, Andreas Englund, hard at work in this incredibly ambitious piece.