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If you’re a fan of a good Watchmeme, you might have stumbled upon a fairly great opportunity to laugh your head off!  I pleaded with my wife about having a Hostess funeral as we went to the store today.  She turned that idea down quicker than I can inhale a cupcake, stating that she was ready for Hostess to be done a long time ago.  And let’s face it, Hostess products taste more plastic and waxy than chocolatey or sweet, but it was a comfortable retreat away from everything at times wasn’t it?  Dr. Manhattan knows what I’m talking about, but Rorschach might need a little convincing…

A good Watchmeme can always put a smile on your face, especially if done well.  But the memes don’t stop there.  Fans have been enjoying a multitude of photoshopping and digitally changing there favorite characters up in order to show their sadness for the departed sugary snacks.  Even Batman has trouble copping.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?  I don’t remember seeing this one, but I’m sure it popped up in one of the comics I read as a wee little lad.  Then again, I didn’t really read Marvel Comics all that much…so maybe I didn’t see it.

In any case, if you were able to get any Hostess products before selling out, good for you!


Or at least he’s been reincarnated into someone even MORE awesome than he already was.  This came from Winter Soldier #3, and if you know Watchmen, you’ll know why this made me chuckle.

Fell in love with this as soon as I found it online.  J. Calafiore is awesome!  Not sure where I found this as the website seemed to have nothing on it except this image.  But full credit goes to Mr. Calafiore!  If they ever do a Watchmen prequel, I  would love to have Calafiore do the artwork.