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When comic book companies hire writers to write specialty stories for animated films, one shots, or miniseries, they’re looking to find a unique literary approach different from the normal plethora of writers that grace the pages of DC Comics.  My own personal feelings about homosexuality is one of civil rights – it is a civil rights issue and should be handle as such.

Much of what I know concerning Scott Card’s opinions on gay rights isn’t anything I share, and I DO oppose what he’s said about the gay community, and their right to marry…

“Marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage, and help me raise my children in a society where they will expect to marry in their turn.”

I also know, however, that out of all of the books I’ve read by him, I loved every single one.  Ender’s Game is a fantastic read and might be one of the top ten greatest Sci-Fi novels ever written.  I don’t need to agree with his philosophies on life nor his moral convictions to appreciate his incredible writing style.

The dilemma I face, however, comes in a series of questions which have no concrete solution.  If I want to see a change in homosexual and heterosexual relations, should I oppose those who refuse to get along with others?  Am I, in a way, supporting the opinions of gay rights objectors by not signing the petition for DC to rescind it’s decision?  How do I send the message across that I do fully support the rights of gay men and women while still supporting DC’s right to hire top notch talent?  There’s a lot to consider, and sometimes there is no straight answer.


I would argue that DC has created a platform of support where the portrayal of the homosexual lifestyle is accepted and normal.  Both Batwoman and Green Lantern Alan Scott of Earth 2 are the spotlighted homosexual superheroes that haven’t been blown out of proportion within their own stories.  In fact, within their own stories, being homosexual is more of a fleeting thought and written into each characters personality as a normal aspect of life.  Orson Scott Card has accepted the job of writing for a company that is in support of gay rights, and we SHOULD allow the writer the chance at creating a Superman story and see how much of his own moral agenda he weeds into it.

Of course we don’t know all of the facts and inner workings of the hiring decision, nor do we really know what agreements and compromises the DC/Time Warner execs and Scott Card have made in signing the contract paperwork.  Therefore, we can’t truly judge DC without knowing all of the facts. We can disagree with Scott Card on a moral basis, but his writing is absolutely fantastic and will be served well with Superman.

Now I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who’s refused to go to Chick-Fil-a because of their actions concerning homosexual marriage and rights.  This is also the reason I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby.  This is my choice.  However I’m not going around saying the business doesn’t have the right to continue their work and produce goods for the public.  The way I show my dislike is by simply not spending my money there. Likewise, instead of signing a petition to drop Scott Card, why don’t those who don’t appreciate Scott Card’s views on homosexuality simply not purchase the digital-first once it’s available?  If DC pours money into something and doesn’t see the financial return because of fan disapproval, they probably won’t do it again.

Just food for thought.


News turns out to be old after 24 hours of it’s release when it comes to comics, and thanks to my internet connections, I was unable to post this bit until today.  Brian Cunningham is probably slapping himself in the face right now because DC realizes when an editor makes a shitty-ass decision!  Here’s something Gail Simone tweeted just yesterday….


Yes, DC overturned Cunningham’s decision and assured Gail that she wasn’t off the title, which is music to my ears!

But we have to wonder, does this make Gail Simone the Wonder Woman of comics?  Not that she wasn’t already, but when was the last time you heard of a writer being fired from a title and making a comeback this strong and this quick?  Internet objections ran rampant in social medias and comic book and movie related sites, and I think DC execs figured out that they just might have lost a good chunk of their fan base.

Having a ton of offers from other publishers, and huge support amongst her fans, I think Gail Simone can rest assured that her popularity and top notch writing talents have not gone unnoticed, or unloved.  I hope Brian Cunningham has to look Gail in the face while they work together on future issues, and I hope Gail enjoys every minute of making him feel like crap!



It appears the Mayans were right, and Galactus was the end they predicted.  At 12:02 AM, Astronomers noticed a speck in space that was approaching the Earth at unprecedented speeds.  The speck was approximately 15,000 miles away by 12:15 AM, and within Earth’s atmosphere by 2:26 AM.

The entity known as Galactus set foot in Australia and began absorbing the city.  People ran, trying to escape the peril, but casualties were certain.  Half of the Australian population was sucked into the massive creature before the Fantastic Four arrived on the scene, along with the X-Men and the Avengers.  A portal unexpectedly open and many unfamiliar supers appeared wearing red capes, silver bracelets, green skin, and some bearing the appearance of a Bat.  it is believed a different universe exists and it’s most powerful beings came to assist Earth in its time of need.  Even with this awesome superhero force coming to Earth’s aid however, there was still little hope that Earth would survive this invasion.

However, Galactus had not predicted his own creation, the Silver Surfer, would come to put an end to the universal gobbler’s reign of terror.  A feet of unknown, and indescribable power was unleashed from the surfer as he flung himself at the heart of Galactus.  The light coming from the surfer was blinding, and disintegrated Galactus in an instant.  The day was won, but was bitter sweet.

Australia lost countless lives, and the superheroes are doing all they can to assist with the clean up and funeral preparations.  President Obama is sending America’s entire militaristic force to Australia to assist in anyway we can and will be addressing the nation tonight at 7:00 to speak on the threat of Alien invasion.

The world can rest assured that we will live on, but the question still remains…when will the next Doomsday be?

The Death Of Superman

Posted: November 18, 2012 in DC Comics, Superman

Two Decades ago, a Superman died.  Since then he has been reborn, gone through multiple changes, and fought Doomsday over and over and over and over and over again.  He still remains the greatest comic book superhero to ever live however, and will maintain that status as long as the creator’s families don’t screw it all up.  Take some time and go back top the day when you were flabergasted that it actually happened!  Reread the Death of Superman!  Toodles.

If you’re a fan of a good Watchmeme, you might have stumbled upon a fairly great opportunity to laugh your head off!  I pleaded with my wife about having a Hostess funeral as we went to the store today.  She turned that idea down quicker than I can inhale a cupcake, stating that she was ready for Hostess to be done a long time ago.  And let’s face it, Hostess products taste more plastic and waxy than chocolatey or sweet, but it was a comfortable retreat away from everything at times wasn’t it?  Dr. Manhattan knows what I’m talking about, but Rorschach might need a little convincing…

A good Watchmeme can always put a smile on your face, especially if done well.  But the memes don’t stop there.  Fans have been enjoying a multitude of photoshopping and digitally changing there favorite characters up in order to show their sadness for the departed sugary snacks.  Even Batman has trouble copping.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?  I don’t remember seeing this one, but I’m sure it popped up in one of the comics I read as a wee little lad.  Then again, I didn’t really read Marvel Comics all that much…so maybe I didn’t see it.

In any case, if you were able to get any Hostess products before selling out, good for you!

Yes, it’s been that long since the greatest animated show of all time came to us via Kids WB.  I have a few things to do this weekend, but at some point, my weekend will involve watching numerous episodes of BTAS.

unique for it’s time, this show took extra care in making it stick out amongst the rest – with episode specific, tailored made music you only heard in big budget films, and sticking to the source material that gave it that dark and gothic edge.

Well, nuff said.  Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little bit of my childhood.

Now THIS is funny!