Presidential Candidates 2016 – The Better Options

Posted: May 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I guess the question is, who would be her running mate? In any case, this SHOULD happen! Right? I’m all for Bernie, but the closer we get, the less likely a Bernie Sanders presidency seems. But Wonder Woman as president? Yes, yes, a THOUSAND times yes!

wonder woman for president

But, who knows, she may not have even consider running for such an office. She does get a little mift at American’s inability to adhere to compassion and fairness. So, if nothing else, we could go with another set of presidential possibilities who have PROVEN political and military skills, as well as bringing down the evil surrounding everyone and being a pivotal piece in ending tyranny!


Mothma/Ackbar 2016

Mon Mothma as President and Admirel Ackbar as her running mate? I mean, really! Mothma has, on multiple occasions shown her leadership abilities with true integrity and passion. She’s also not someone to beat around the bush, lie, or do anything that would give us an inkling she’s not on the side of the people. And Ackbar, always loyal, always true to the leadership, but never forgets about the people he serves. This is the dream team of politics!

What are your thoughts? Who would YOU vote for? Who would YOU rather see running for the highest office in the nation?


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