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Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

Merry Christmas, Ya Bastitch!

You see, Even the nastiest of people celebrate the holidays.

I’ve been lagging in posting as of late. My apologies. Trying to start up my own illustration website/business has kept me quite busy. More than likely, that will be my focus for the next few months, so expect the slowness of posts to continue for a bit longer.

But it is Christmas, and I always try to say thank you to my readers at some point. All of my random, incoherent jargon constantly comes out on this site without a second thought, and you guys continually come back with good things to say. Thank you, dear readers, and Merry Christmas.


Australian news has a great sense of humor! At least I hope this is a legit news source. I really have no idea what paper this came from, but it’s proof that good things still exist in the world. Can you note the typos? (intentional or not)

The first line is true though – many lovers of Cumberbatch are sobbing. They lost their chance. Now they’ll have to choose amongst the many mere mortals as their soul mates. (life is tough)

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