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Batman Coffee Cup Art

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While lazing about on my day off from work, I decided to go to a local coffee shop and bum around and draw. I ended up doodling a Batman face on the cup that held my mocha. Nothing I do is without inspiration, so of course someone else already had the idea of doing a Bat-face on a to-go cup, but it’s still fun to do.


The fun part of this is, I’m leaving it here at the shop, just to see if anyone finds it. I wonder if they try to find out the artist (ME ME ME ME!!!) and comment on here that they found it? If they do, AWESOME! More than likely, however, it’ll get trashed by one of the employees.



Alice X. Zhang’s computer-based paintings are phenomenally nerdy! Fellow Dr. Who and Harry Potter fan’s heads will explode with the images of their favorite characters painted in such gorgeous displays of color and artistry. But even for the non nerds, this will still be a selection of art they can appreciate.

She doesn’t reveal much about herself, but all of her work can be found either on her Deviant Art page or on Instagram, both of which shows her best work.

alice x zhang - pocahontus

My medium of choice is drawing. I was never able to get a handle on painting and really have no desire to learn the craft, but boy do I appreciate those who CAN make wonderful works of art through paints. Especially to the quality that Alice Zhang does.

alice x zhang - Dr Who

She doesn’t just dive into the celebrity recreations, however. Zhang also does some original work based on what’s in her own imagination. The kind of artists I blog about are typically the ones who toggle between fandom and originality, both of which I have a high amount of respect for. Alice has definitely inspired me to try a few new things out.

alice x zhang - provincial life

I was wondering when this little romance was going to start getting good. Most of Wondy and Supe’s relationship has been boring and unnecessary since it started. As much as I’ve always thought the two would work well together, this whole ordeal hasn’t been that eventful. I was beginning to think I had been wrong all these years.

Charles Soule, however, has finally raised the bar in the super relationship, forcing its longevity, making it feel fruitful and worth the wait.


Oh, they both die at the end too. Sorry for spoilers, I just can’t hold it in.

Of course it won’t last, and we’ll see Supes and Wondy revived and at full power. Maybe they’ll even level up! Yes, achievement unlocked! The power of love will give them new abilities to fight the good fight together in much more substantial ways.

It’s all speculation on my part of course, but I’m excited as can be for what’s to come for this super duo. I’m actually hoping Lois Lane doesn’t become Superman’s love interest for a while. I want to see where where Supes’ involvement of Wonder Woman goes.

Choose - lois or Wondy

Sometimes I wonder if the people my age (the guys) who read comics are clueless or just horny…or a combination of the two.

Here’s the thing, I understand that superhero comics objective females, but so do many other forms of media out there. I choose to read superhero comics for 1) nostalgic reasons, and 2) because there are some stories that are actually well written. Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman stories are some of the most substantial stories about a strong female character without becoming too overbearing with the female pride. And Scott Snyder’s current Batman run is crushing anything being published in comics right now.

However, fans of superhero comics get caught up with the sexual tension that obviously happens in comics – just like with most stories – and allowing it to take center stage in their minds. The above image was posted on facebook a while ago. It’s amazing artwork and I love the artist who penciled and inked it, but instead of talking about how gorgeous this piece of art is, the main topic is of concern is all about Superman choosing between two women who are virtually naked.

When did “The Bachelor” become Superman?

Wonder Woman and Lois Lane are strong characters. Not just strong FEMALE characters, but simply strong characters in general, and dehumanizing them in the way the Facebook fans are doing isn’t doing the trifecta justice. Superman never thinks to himself “Let’s see, do I want to have sex with the black haired gorgeous women who just finished taking a shower, or the black haired gorgeous women in the underwear and a smile?”

It’s an embarrassing thing for comics when fans can’t get past the sex. What are your thoughts on this, dear reader…


Yeah, You really shouldn’t sell him short. He could kill you…and everyone else for that matter. DC Animation is still getting hit pretty hard for neglecting Aquaman for his exclusion in the Justice League: War film released a few weeks ago, and it’s a constant battle that Aquaman has to fight to prove legitimacy. Geoff Johns set Aquaman up for success, now it’s up to the Aquafans to continue the already established awesomeness that is Aquaman. Here, let me lay out a top ten list which shows Aquaman isn’t useless and could take over the world if he chose to…

Aquaman - 10

Aquaman - 9

Aquaman - 8

Aquaman - 7

Aquaman - 6

Aquaman - 5

Aquaman - 4

Aquaman - 3

Aquaman - 2

Aquaman - 1

I had never read the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, but I knew as soon as I saw the trailer, it looked familiar. Little did I know that the comic book title more to do with my childhood than I previously thought. Thank you Shel Silverstein!

The Giving Grot

The Giving Grot