Have you ever have nitrous oxide pumped into your mouth while in the dentist’s chair?

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every once in a while I get comments that attempt at belittling me as a way of showing why my opinions are wrong. They all start the same way – an unintelligent use of swear words, name calling, followed quickly by accusing me of being jealous of whatever it is I decided to criticize through my blog. The commentor then goes into a series of random incoherent ramblings about how I’m lazy because I blog and assume that my life is unproductive, like this is all I do. (This happened way back in May of 2012 when I reviewed The Avengers. Check out the hilarity!)However I’ve decided to refrain from approving comments that aren’t that good or the ones that simply missed the point but are still looking to start an internet fight.  It just isn’t worth it.

However, just yesterday I received a notification that approval was needed for a comment to be published on my review of a recently published book, Sing For Meby Betsy Jiron. I didn’t approve the comment but decided that this was worth addressing. She basically disagreed with me on my assessment of the book and decided to voice that disagreement in a vigorous way…

Sounds like maybe you’re just a depressed sad sack of shit that had a bad day. Book reviews… Hmmm… You’re that lazy?! You downed Oprah so yeah you are gonna down an up and coming author. Jealous much?! You’re just mad that you didn’t do shit with your life and now gotta go try and make other’s feel like shit too. This book is far from predictable. And the fact that you read the whole thing has me thinking that something about it kept your attention for the entire three hours. Nobody reads an “annoyingly predictable” novel by an unknown up and coming Author. Isn’t there a book signing coming up there in Ft. Collins? Sounds more like you are jealous of the author. Did you know her or something. Looks more like you just have a personal issue with this. Hope you’re proud of that one!!! Actually… Barns and Noble only sells that book online. It’s not an in store purchase. The only bookstore in FoCo that sells Sing for Me by Betsy Jiron is Old Fire House. Where the signing is being held. I live in Oklahoma and even I know that. Come on. This book is a book of memories not a book of glittery vampire fairytales. – Red

SHEESH! What a wallop! Have you ever have nitrous oxide pumped into your mouth while in the dentist’s chair? Did you ever fall hard, ice-skating perhaps, and hit the back of your head so hard you saw stars, and you seemed to take a tiny nap before you could get up again? Did you ever come off your thoroughbred leaping over a 4 foot jump, and…again…seem to take a tiny little nap before you could actually get up? Perhaps you remember shaking off the sedative after surgery, trying to make everything stop spinning. If you’ve experienced any of these things, then you’ll know what it was like reading the above comment.

Now I’ll admit, I may have been a bit harsh, but I’d be lying if I said that the book was worth paying the 25 dollars for it. I still paid for it though, so whatever percentage goes to her for each book sold, she ha my money. But I won’t speak anymore on the book itself. If you’re interested in what I said about the book, go read my review.

You know I completely understand that reading a negative review of something you’ve created can hurt deeply. I can also understand being upset at a negative review. I’m sure if the book I’m writing ever gets published it’ll get just as much hate as it does praise, and I’m bracing for it! Even the most hate-filled reviews will be accepted as another person’s opinion and I’ll take what I can from it for any possible future projects I work on. But leaving comments which show very little sign of intelligent life are never something I’ll entertain…unless it’s worth poking fun of.

But let’s say I gave the book a glowing review – 5 stars, telling lies about how it doesn’t have grammatical errors on almost every page, is one of the most epic stories I’ve ever read, and one of the most unpredictable books written – this commenter’s tone would have changed drastically. She would have left the whole lazy part out, agreed with me, and possibly thanked me for writing a review which praised the up and coming author. But she or he didn’t. This is how children think and how unremarkable people react to things they don’t like on the internet.

Here’s the thing – books are wonderful things because all of them pluck at the heart strings differently from person to person. We all have our reasons for liking or disliking a book, and none of them are wrong or right. Not everyone loved Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane” even though it won the book of the year award for 2013. It’s completely understandable, it just isn’t for everyone, much like“Sing for Me” just wasn’t for me.

Now here’s the important issue…Amazing authors get bad mouthed all the time! Neil Gaiman is one of most acclaimed authors right now and he still gets hate from people all around.  Take a look…

ocean at the end of the lane reviews

Great books are always going to have it’s haters, and thanks to the internet, being an A-hole is that much easier! These readers clearly don’t agree with the glowing reviews “Ocean” received and therefore slash it to pieces. A side note – these four above reviews are some of the more modest ones of the book that I could find. It’s going to happen no matter what. If “Sing For Me” actually starts getting noticed on a much bigger scale, Jiron had better watch out because her book is going to be ripped a new one.

I think the best thing the above commenter can do is continue to support her friend and promote the book as a great piece of literature and ignore my thoughts and opinions because, clearly, we have a difference of opinion on what makes a good book. So, my dear commenter known as Red, I understand your frustration as a reader since you probably loved the book and felt personally attacked by me (for some strange reason) but I hope you realize that, despite your hard efforts in using some semblance of a coherent argument, you didn’t accomplish much.

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