Rainfall Films Proves That Wonder Woman Can Work On The Big Screen

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We keep hearing from the people at Warner Bros. that a Wonder Woman film isn’t what the fans want or that it would be too hard to make. Yet hear comes a fan who pulls this epic fan trailer out of nowhere, sending a message to WB that a Wonder Woman film is not only something the fans want, but can be done right! Rainfall films has a youtube channel, and you should check out all of their other movies.

I’m not sure how much more pleading and begging fans can do until WB finally realizes that a Wonder Woman film IS what the fans want, and that they SHOULD get this going.  My recommendation? Hire Gail Simone to write the script. Get some people who’ve worked on the comic book to make this movie what it should be and it’ll be great.

My thoughts, that is all.

  1. Johnni Stanton says:


    • Heretic says:

      No kidding right???? I honestly wish DC could separate and become it’s own company so they can make their own film studio and do the movies the way they SHOULD be done, or at least give them the power to find the right people to make their films.

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