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Sometimes people create news ways of celebrating nostalgia. The below video shows a first person perspective of the classic 8-bit Super Mario Brothers game. Make sure to pay attention to what’s going on in the top left corner of the video as a reference for the first person perspective awesomeness.




I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos on here lately, but this is truly epic. Superman has been around for 75 years and this animated short, which comes along with the Man of Steel Blu-Ray release, runs through some of the most epic moments in Superman’s history.  Right alongside Wonder Woman, Superman is my favorite superhero, and this short really does bring out how awesome he is.

Director by Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm, they had difficulties deciding what moments would make it and what wouldn’t. It’s hard to imagine that such a short animated feature takes so much time to put together. However, for those of you watching it, you need to look closely. Timm Said, “It’s loaded with Easter Eggs,” Timm said, “but the worst part was not being able to have everything. But we did try to throw in as many easter eggs and artists that have made him who he is. It’s 75 years of Superman glory.”

Man of Steel was an amazing film that I believe captured who Superman really is, with a few twists that some people may or may not have liked. But whether or not you liked the most recent movie, or don’t care about Superman either way, there’s no denying that Supes has been around a long time, and he’s story is STILL being written, arguably being the longest running story in history. And to think, Superman will most definitely be around for another 25 years.  Granted I’ll be over 60 and he’ll still be lookin’ as young as ever, but it’ll be cool to see the Man of Steel hit 100 years.


We keep hearing from the people at Warner Bros. that a Wonder Woman film isn’t what the fans want or that it would be too hard to make. Yet hear comes a fan who pulls this epic fan trailer out of nowhere, sending a message to WB that a Wonder Woman film is not only something the fans want, but can be done right! Rainfall films has a youtube channel, and you should check out all of their other movies.

I’m not sure how much more pleading and begging fans can do until WB finally realizes that a Wonder Woman film IS what the fans want, and that they SHOULD get this going.  My recommendation? Hire Gail Simone to write the script. Get some people who’ve worked on the comic book to make this movie what it should be and it’ll be great.

My thoughts, that is all.