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Found over at the Slate, Gavin Aung takes quotes and inspirational sayings and weaves them  into comic strips.  Everything within the narration boxes was taken from a speech by Bill Watterson, talking about his life, the troubles that came with it and how he didn’t regret a single choice he made.  Cartoons like this make me exceptionally happy because, as an artist with hopes of creation and imagination, it’s always nice to know that the little dreams can turn into a life full filled.

Anyways, enough of me rambling.



Well now, here’s a new one.  Should we be surprised though?  We have movies about human centipedes, famous presidents chopping up vampires, and girls falling in love with zombies, what’s a movie about squirrels taking over the world gonna hurt?

Director Timur Bekmambetov is putting together a film on this very subject, proof with the trailer below.  You might recognized his directorial trademark through a recent cinematic release title Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  For me, a film like this is right up my alley.  I’m not a huge fan of horror movies unless they have a humorous twist.  Cabin in the Woods is an excellent example. But before you go on, please, watch the trailer be ready to ask, “really?”

The truth is there have many suspenseful movies made about animals attacking humans which have done quite well.  Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” for example.  So who’s to say this is going to be one big flop.  From what I can tell, I’m going to laugh the whole way through , which is what it seems bent on doing.

But maybe this is a diversion by the the REAL threat…killer cows from outer space! Stay alert everyone, those cows are after us!


My favorite author writing the prequel to the best comic book series ever written.  Yes please!  Coming in October.  The hard part is waiting until it comes out in trade paperback.  This is going to be intense…


As reported by Following the Nerd, Star Wars episode VII is rumored to have Palpatine returning as a Sith ghost. If the rumor holds true, then great!  It makes sense given that Jedi maintain that same ability. The Force is a mysterious and mystical piece of magic, and it’s always interesting to think how it can be manipulated by the properly trained.

But that isn’t the most interesting part.  At least not for me.  Further down in the article more rumors are revealed – one being how J. J. Abrams plans to write a script that doesn’t pull from any of the already published novels.  That’s right, it’s possible that Episode VII will have no influence whatsoever coming from the books.  It’s going to be a fresh new take on the films.

I have no idea if this rumor is true, but it does bring to mind an interesting question…What is Star Wars cannon? No doubt, there are TONS of novels written for the Star Wars universe – continuing the tales of Luke Skywalker or going in depth into the lives and dealings of the Sith.  The Star Wars universe has expanded into something George Lucas (curse him) had never dreamed of.

But the films came first.

If J. J. Abrams is writing a new Star Wars movie that doesn’t pull from the novels, is it possible he could write a story which negates what’s already been published?  He’s certainly done that with Star Trek, and it’s been well received.  With Star Wars, however, he isn’t going back in time to change everything so he can do what ever he wants with the characters, but rather continuing the storyline Lucas set with Episode VI. Are the films considered the canonized version of the Star Wars mythos or are the books? I know most comic book fans consider the Superman story in the comics to be the continuity to go by, by does that hold true with Star Wars?

What are your opinions?