Marvel Now, Editing Later…

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s no secret that Marvel Comics and I aren’t the best of friends. And even though I can respect what the company has done for comics in general, a smile still stretches across my face when they make little boo-boos.   Apparently the editing process for Marvel Now’s books are rushed and not carefully analyzed before going to print. Take a look at this panel from an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy…


DC Comics, of course, isn’t free from grammatical error either.  Hell, this blog runs rampant with errors!  (And when I catch them, I hang my head in shame.) However, it’s a simple matter of seeing the repeated word, and replacing it with another one.  (Planet? World?) But it’s all nit picky.  Marvel Now really isn’t doing any better than DC’s New 52 reboot, so it’s easy to say nothing either company is doing hurts or helps – so what’s a few little grammatical nicks here and there going to hurt right?

Marvel Now.  Marvel’s way of saying, “we simply can’t do anything as awesome as Vertigo.”


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