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At the risk of being hated – When I first heard of Deadpool, I liked him.  He was the one villain that actually did a good job at combining humor and angsty stories without being too weighted down.  Writers definitely have fun creating his dialog.

However, there comes a point where a character’s antics become less and less creative and funny, and more focused on giving reader’s too much of a good thing.  For this reader, Deadpool has warn out his welcome…and I don’t even read the stuff he’s in.  Yet all throughout Facebook photos and memes are posted about how incredibly weird he is.  Which, according to many people, equals hilarious.

Thankfully I don’t read Marvel and don’t have to put up with the absurdity.  Of course, DC has it’s own fair share of annoyances.  Thank you DC reboot for getting rid of Ambush Bug.