And The New Writer Of Batgirl Is….Gail Simone!!!

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Batgirl, DC Comics, Gail Simone

News turns out to be old after 24 hours of it’s release when it comes to comics, and thanks to my internet connections, I was unable to post this bit until today.  Brian Cunningham is probably slapping himself in the face right now because DC realizes when an editor makes a shitty-ass decision!  Here’s something Gail Simone tweeted just yesterday….


Yes, DC overturned Cunningham’s decision and assured Gail that she wasn’t off the title, which is music to my ears!

But we have to wonder, does this make Gail Simone the Wonder Woman of comics?  Not that she wasn’t already, but when was the last time you heard of a writer being fired from a title and making a comeback this strong and this quick?  Internet objections ran rampant in social medias and comic book and movie related sites, and I think DC execs figured out that they just might have lost a good chunk of their fan base.

Having a ton of offers from other publishers, and huge support amongst her fans, I think Gail Simone can rest assured that her popularity and top notch writing talents have not gone unnoticed, or unloved.  I hope Brian Cunningham has to look Gail in the face while they work together on future issues, and I hope Gail enjoys every minute of making him feel like crap!


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