The End Of The World Is Here!!!!

Posted: December 21, 2012 in DC Comics, End Of The World, Marvel Comics



It appears the Mayans were right, and Galactus was the end they predicted.  At 12:02 AM, Astronomers noticed a speck in space that was approaching the Earth at unprecedented speeds.  The speck was approximately 15,000 miles away by 12:15 AM, and within Earth’s atmosphere by 2:26 AM.

The entity known as Galactus set foot in Australia and began absorbing the city.  People ran, trying to escape the peril, but casualties were certain.  Half of the Australian population was sucked into the massive creature before the Fantastic Four arrived on the scene, along with the X-Men and the Avengers.  A portal unexpectedly open and many unfamiliar supers appeared wearing red capes, silver bracelets, green skin, and some bearing the appearance of a Bat.  it is believed a different universe exists and it’s most powerful beings came to assist Earth in its time of need.  Even with this awesome superhero force coming to Earth’s aid however, there was still little hope that Earth would survive this invasion.

However, Galactus had not predicted his own creation, the Silver Surfer, would come to put an end to the universal gobbler’s reign of terror.  A feet of unknown, and indescribable power was unleashed from the surfer as he flung himself at the heart of Galactus.  The light coming from the surfer was blinding, and disintegrated Galactus in an instant.  The day was won, but was bitter sweet.

Australia lost countless lives, and the superheroes are doing all they can to assist with the clean up and funeral preparations.  President Obama is sending America’s entire militaristic force to Australia to assist in anyway we can and will be addressing the nation tonight at 7:00 to speak on the threat of Alien invasion.

The world can rest assured that we will live on, but the question still remains…when will the next Doomsday be?


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