Gail Simone Fired As The Writer Of Batgirl

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Batgirl, Gail Simone

Yes, it’s baffling, but true.  Earlier today, Gail Simone posted on Twitter that she would no longer be writing for Batgirl.  How was this message delivered to Gail?  By email…


I’m not certain why DC decided to make this move since Simone’s work on Batgirl has been well received.  Reviews only had good things to say about her run, and the internet was glowing with positive remarks about it.  DC’s need to relaunch the entire universe has only had a few saving grace titles, which have been a good chunk of the Bat-verse.  Why they would fire her from one of their best titles is beyond me.

In any case, no matter what the reason, I will always remember her time on the said title as a gem within DC’s New 52 line-up.  It just won’t be the same from now on.  Whoever they hire to replace Simone will have some ENORMOUS shoes to fill.

  1. I am being to think that DC doesn’t want to sell comics any more. Batgirl has been out selling Superman and Wonder Woman. I don’t understand why you would want to mess with a title that is selling well.

    • Heretic says:

      I think Brian Cunningham, the editor is to blame. DC apparently shot Gail a letter or a call saying their was a misunderstanding and still want her to write for them.

      • But she isn’t on a main title now. Cunningham just got the editer job and kicked her off. I mean, really? Batgirl out sold Batman and Robin last month. She out sold Superman. Hell, Batman and Robin got out sold by My Little Pony. I get the whole Brony thing, but really, Superman got beaten by Ponies. Isn’t the point to sell as many comics as you can? Why would you destroy a very high selling comic? And with a writer who is as well Loved as she is, and to do it so unproffissonal too. Does DC not think there is an internet any more?

        But really, I’m being to think DC doesn’t understand to that they can’t be in a Cold War with their fans? Hell, I’m still picking up Wonder Woman in the hopes that it will get better, not because I’m enjoying it. Which I suppose should stop. I mean, do they not want money? I used to make fun of Marvel just because of how wacky some of their old stuff was, but picking up the new stuff and seeing strong female characters has made me knock off a lot of my DC titles. At the rate they are going, I’m just going to be getting Batman and Robin and nothing else. And they still fighting that ‘we aren’t sexist bit,’ but they have less female writers, (3 if Gail is back in, 2 on main titles) compared to the 12 they had 19 years ago. That’s depressing to think about. 20 years ago DC was more gender friendly.

        And the whole, we aren’t sexist but all our female characters have to be paired with men thing is just that. Sexist. I have a feeling they are going to end up making Batwoman get a boyfriend, since she is up for a ‘new status quo’ just because they are really acting like women can’t do anything without a man. It’s a bit annoying.

        And bullshit like this thing with Gail Simone is not helping their case at all.

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