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News turns out to be old after 24 hours of it’s release when it comes to comics, and thanks to my internet connections, I was unable to post this bit until today.  Brian Cunningham is probably slapping himself in the face right now because DC realizes when an editor makes a shitty-ass decision!  Here’s something Gail Simone tweeted just yesterday….


Yes, DC overturned Cunningham’s decision and assured Gail that she wasn’t off the title, which is music to my ears!

But we have to wonder, does this make Gail Simone the Wonder Woman of comics?  Not that she wasn’t already, but when was the last time you heard of a writer being fired from a title and making a comeback this strong and this quick?  Internet objections ran rampant in social medias and comic book and movie related sites, and I think DC execs figured out that they just might have lost a good chunk of their fan base.

Having a ton of offers from other publishers, and huge support amongst her fans, I think Gail Simone can rest assured that her popularity and top notch writing talents have not gone unnoticed, or unloved.  I hope Brian Cunningham has to look Gail in the face while they work together on future issues, and I hope Gail enjoys every minute of making him feel like crap!




It appears the Mayans were right, and Galactus was the end they predicted.  At 12:02 AM, Astronomers noticed a speck in space that was approaching the Earth at unprecedented speeds.  The speck was approximately 15,000 miles away by 12:15 AM, and within Earth’s atmosphere by 2:26 AM.

The entity known as Galactus set foot in Australia and began absorbing the city.  People ran, trying to escape the peril, but casualties were certain.  Half of the Australian population was sucked into the massive creature before the Fantastic Four arrived on the scene, along with the X-Men and the Avengers.  A portal unexpectedly open and many unfamiliar supers appeared wearing red capes, silver bracelets, green skin, and some bearing the appearance of a Bat.  it is believed a different universe exists and it’s most powerful beings came to assist Earth in its time of need.  Even with this awesome superhero force coming to Earth’s aid however, there was still little hope that Earth would survive this invasion.

However, Galactus had not predicted his own creation, the Silver Surfer, would come to put an end to the universal gobbler’s reign of terror.  A feet of unknown, and indescribable power was unleashed from the surfer as he flung himself at the heart of Galactus.  The light coming from the surfer was blinding, and disintegrated Galactus in an instant.  The day was won, but was bitter sweet.

Australia lost countless lives, and the superheroes are doing all they can to assist with the clean up and funeral preparations.  President Obama is sending America’s entire militaristic force to Australia to assist in anyway we can and will be addressing the nation tonight at 7:00 to speak on the threat of Alien invasion.

The world can rest assured that we will live on, but the question still remains…when will the next Doomsday be?

Yes, it’s baffling, but true.  Earlier today, Gail Simone posted on Twitter that she would no longer be writing for Batgirl.  How was this message delivered to Gail?  By email…


I’m not certain why DC decided to make this move since Simone’s work on Batgirl has been well received.  Reviews only had good things to say about her run, and the internet was glowing with positive remarks about it.  DC’s need to relaunch the entire universe has only had a few saving grace titles, which have been a good chunk of the Bat-verse.  Why they would fire her from one of their best titles is beyond me.

In any case, no matter what the reason, I will always remember her time on the said title as a gem within DC’s New 52 line-up.  It just won’t be the same from now on.  Whoever they hire to replace Simone will have some ENORMOUS shoes to fill.