Tony “Effing” Harris Is Not That Smart

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Tony Effing Harris

Yes, this is real.  Yes, he is a douche bag.  Yes, he is now on the same playing field as Liefeld.
No, I will never buy anything with his name attached to it again.

The following post was his Facebook status, letting the world know how idiotic Cosplay “chicks” are.  Apparently you “chicks” know nothing about comics and are simply at the cons annoying everyone….Otherwise known as “Tony Harris is dumb!”

  1. Diego Arvet says:

    I think in some stuff he is right and in some not, I mean that he is trying to tell that all girls in cons are just like that, but is wrong to say that every chick is just like that, we are all different and some can do it just to fit in there (the cons) or just like he said that girls that want evryone tell them they are pretty, etc, but in his case is completely wrong is like saying that an artist that is an ass (like he is being) si now every artist is an ass, so In my opinion I think he was been unfair and it’s modern times were girls can like comics too and do cosplay just like boys and I think it’s unffair to say that you are noy buying his stuff anymore, I like his drawings but for that there is no reason to do that, is like if my Favorite writer or artist, were an arses when I meet them and stop buying their stuff just because that, one thing is his own person and the other their work, a good work even from an arse is soemthing you can appreciate, but in conclusion his kind of an arse.

    • Heretic says:

      Understandable. I don’t think it’s unfair of me to shut him out and not support him though. if he’s going to insult fans of comics because of their cosplaying efforts, then I don’t think he deserves to have my support. Cosplayers are more than just “hot chicks” in costumes, but so many of them run charities and perform public services for needy children and women in abusive relationships. If Tony doesn’t understand this, then his work is not something I want to support. There are plenty of artists much better than him and I’m fine with that.

  2. christopherjonesart says:

    I just had to chime in on this: Cosplay Appreciation Day: Creators for Cosplay

    There are many comics creators who love cosplayers of all shapes, sizes, skill levels and gender! Don’t listen to Tony Harris!

  3. After carefully considering the nature of Tony ‘effing’ Harris’s complaints, I say we give him what he’s asking for.

  4. Mz Thang says:

    You do realize that all those guys at cons he is referencing is really just an extension of himself and read in THAT light, it is obvious that the old troll got his ego handed to him with a check when he probably rolled up on some young cutie half his age expecting to get some play. Yah, Tony. We have your number too – you disgusting old goat who obviously thinks your status as a COMIC BOOK CELEBRITY suddenly could make you a stud with anyone, especially young girls at a con who might actually know who your sad, sorry, flabby behind is.

    That rant was all about him and that is Rejected Computer Guy Retaliation after some woman reminds him he is still…. not getting any.

    “Whore? If I am a whore, how much of a pathetic loser are you that YOU are still NOT getting any of this? DUH!”

    • Heretic says:

      Of course I realize it, but it’s always fun to tell people like this who have no clue that remarks like this are uncalled for. Thanks for commenting!

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