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The Death Of Superman

Posted: November 18, 2012 in DC Comics, Superman

Two Decades ago, a Superman died.  Since then he has been reborn, gone through multiple changes, and fought Doomsday over and over and over and over and over again.  He still remains the greatest comic book superhero to ever live however, and will maintain that status as long as the creator’s families don’t screw it all up.  Take some time and go back top the day when you were flabergasted that it actually happened!  Reread the Death of Superman!  Toodles.


Yesterday was a pile of fun as I celebrated my 31st birthday with Clarissa and a mutual friend, Old school style!  I had a nostalgic urge to partake in the things of which I grew with.  I won a Nintendo Entertainment System on Ebay, complete with all the cords, controllers, zapper, and some great games.  However they weren’t able to make it to my mailbox in time, which is fine.  However, the culinary options of the party, thanks to my wife, were an even better substitution…

I’m off of work this week for Thanksgiving break, which mean I’m going to be doing a lot of reading, recording, and sitting around on my butt thinking of possible sketches I want to turn into full drawings.  (If only I had two weeks.) Oh, and enjoying more TMNT birthday cake and pizza!

If you’re a fan of a good Watchmeme, you might have stumbled upon a fairly great opportunity to laugh your head off!  I pleaded with my wife about having a Hostess funeral as we went to the store today.  She turned that idea down quicker than I can inhale a cupcake, stating that she was ready for Hostess to be done a long time ago.  And let’s face it, Hostess products taste more plastic and waxy than chocolatey or sweet, but it was a comfortable retreat away from everything at times wasn’t it?  Dr. Manhattan knows what I’m talking about, but Rorschach might need a little convincing…

A good Watchmeme can always put a smile on your face, especially if done well.  But the memes don’t stop there.  Fans have been enjoying a multitude of photoshopping and digitally changing there favorite characters up in order to show their sadness for the departed sugary snacks.  Even Batman has trouble copping.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?  I don’t remember seeing this one, but I’m sure it popped up in one of the comics I read as a wee little lad.  Then again, I didn’t really read Marvel Comics all that much…so maybe I didn’t see it.

In any case, if you were able to get any Hostess products before selling out, good for you!

Freaking hilarious!

Yes, this is real.  Yes, he is a douche bag.  Yes, he is now on the same playing field as Liefeld.
No, I will never buy anything with his name attached to it again.

The following post was his Facebook status, letting the world know how idiotic Cosplay “chicks” are.  Apparently you “chicks” know nothing about comics and are simply at the cons annoying everyone….Otherwise known as “Tony Harris is dumb!”

While I don’t think things would have been better or worse with either candidate winning the presidency, I am glad to see the president win back his title.  Sadly though, even with the election over, people are still going to hate on each other for their beliefs and political convictions.  It’ll take at least another month before people start behaving normally and start complaining about speeding tickets, cell phone bills, and other minor things in our everyday lives.

But for those of you unhappy with the election results, here’s a little something just for you.  Keep in mind, Obama’s election doesn’t equal the end of civilization (much less blood rushing down the streets) so don’t get too worried, K?