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Sunday morning I woke up, opened up my computer, checked my email and turned on Facebook.  To my delightful surprise I saw this gem in my newsfeed…

At first glance it looks like a comic book cover from a 70’s title.  My first thought was, “Oh, so DC actually had a title called New 52 back in the day.”  Not the case here.  John Turnbull brings the best of vintage comic art to a modern day audience without a semblance of it being modern.  All fans of the New 52 will get a huge kick out of this…especially with the Liefeld spotlight.

Trumbull has a clever and witty twist he puts on most of the art I’ve see on his Deviant Art Page, and I can appreciate it whole heartedly.  Especially when he’s having his fun with Watchmen…

Alternate universes are a big thing in superhero comics, always causing confusion and immense disarray among readers.  It comes with the territory of course, and Trumbull hits the topic of confusion quite hard by mashing up Star Trek and the Crime Syndicate…

I’ve always enjoyed artists that don’t take life too seriously, yet have a good understanding of nerdom too make visual commentaries such as the ones above.  Go enjoy more art by John Trumbull at his Deviant Art Page!


Yes, it’s been that long since the greatest animated show of all time came to us via Kids WB.  I have a few things to do this weekend, but at some point, my weekend will involve watching numerous episodes of BTAS.

unique for it’s time, this show took extra care in making it stick out amongst the rest – with episode specific, tailored made music you only heard in big budget films, and sticking to the source material that gave it that dark and gothic edge.

Well, nuff said.  Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little bit of my childhood.