Rob Liefeld Throws A Temper Tantrum…

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Batman, Rob Liefeld = douche, Scott Snyder

Liefeld vs. Synder…Snyder wins!

I’ve never enjoyed anything Rob Liefeld has drawn or written.  He’s worse than Morrison!  At least Morrison has class and creative ideas. Liefeld just simply can’t create a good story, let alone draw very well.  But that’s all he’s ever been to me, a bad writer and artist.  But now he’s gone over the deep end, reverting to name calling and bad mouthing people simply because his ego allows for it.

A few days ago, Liefeld began bashing DC on his Twitter account for a few changes they made in staffing, as well as many others aspects.  Discussions started going wild and Liefield came out with this Tweet…

Liefeld is entitled to his own opinions, and I’m sure not everyone disagrees with Liefeld’s sentiments on DC’s values.  It’s completely true that DC has a tendency to think less of its creators than a company like Marvel or Image does, but I wonder about Liefeld’s methods in “calling people out.”

It wasn’t until Scott Snyder, lead writer on Batman, had enough and came on Twitter to tell Liefeld to calm down and shut up.  Let’s face it, Liefeld’s actions lead one to believe he has an inferiority complex…

Snyder did low ball Liefeld, no doubt, but with all the postings Liefeld tweeted prior to Snyder’s remark, it’s a wonder no one else stepped up to the plate.  Liefeld didn’t let up though…

The entire back and forth duel the two had became a simple shout fest, with Liefeld leading the onslaught of insults, and Snyder only throwing one in here and there, trying to remain calm.  Liefeld continued to bash Snyder for calling himself the Lead writer (which he is) on Batman.  The definition of a character LEAD writer is simply this…if your writing for the flagship book.  Liefeld thought it would help his rhetorical jargon by constantly bad mouthing Snyder’s writing abilities, claiming that the only reason his (snyder) Batman stories are selling is because of how popular Batman is.  Snyder, getting fed up with it, came out with this retort…

And this is true, Deathstroke and Hawkman saw all time lows when Liefeld came on board.  While I think Snyder should have bowed out 0f this shout fest a while ago, it’s was a merited comment.  Snyder quickly gave up and went about with his own thing, but Liefeld persisted with his egotistical rants…

Not too long after, the private conversations that Liefeld was having with Snyder were leaked out, much to the approval of Liefeld.  Apparently Snyder was trying to figure out something he was confused about concerning Liefeld’s statements.  It was clear that Liefield was having a field day with bashing and bad mouthing anyone who got in his way, even if the other side was simply trying to understand what the heck was going on…

Click To Enlarge

Liefeld thought reverting to childish insults was an intelligent move on his part, when in fact it made him look even worse.  The conversation continued and clearly Liefeld was simply mad at everything DC was doing and couldn’t hack it when anyone else was simply trying to get him to quiet down and stop enjoying the smell of his own farts.

I’ll state again, I’ve never liked Liefeld’s work, it’s simply not good.  But now, with this recent line of retorts and bad mouthing on Liefeld’s part, I feel justified in supporting him very little in my comic book collector years.  Liefeld, you have successfully lost a big chunk of your supporters.  Congratulations and good luck finding work after Marvel fires you.  Scott Snyder, I will continue to enjoy your work…you’re one of the stronger Batman authors that’s come around in a VERY long time!

So how did you ever find work?

  1. wwayne says:

    Someone compared Liefeld with Jack Kirby: What do you think about it?

  2. Wow this guy is a total ninibaby… He shouldn’t be allowed back in comics at all. Not even as a janitor at the company.

    • Heretic says:

      True that Scott. I have no idea why he gets his acid trip equivalent from acting like he’s God. I’m glad he doesn’t do anything for DC anymore. Good riddance!

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