The Dark Knight Rises Shooting At Century 16 Theaters In Aurora Colorado

Posted: July 20, 2012 in The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight Rises Shooting

A text was sent to me two hours before the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last night from friends who had an extra ticket, inviting me to go.  While tempted, I decided to go home and sleep so I could wake up coherent enough to go to work the next day was more important.  I was shocked however to wake up this morning and see the flood of Facebook statuses about the shooting that went on inside the movie theater.

According to CNN, 14 people were reported dead, almost 50 were injured, and the rest are being treated for chemical exposure since the shooter dropped a gas bomb on the floor before firing.  A 24 year old male by the name of James Holmes walked into the theater wearing a gas mask and pointed a gun at the crowd.  Everyone thought it was either part of the show, or simply another cosplaying comic book fan just having some fun.  However, once gun fire went off, people began ducking and trying to run out of the theater.

children as young as 6 were shot and killed, but I also read reports of a infant child only a few months old being shot as well.  Nothing has been confirmed as far as motive and/or intent of the shooter is concerned, but he is in police custody.

What I am happy to see is everyone (at least on facebook) pouring their hearts out to the victims and their families and not automatically blaming the film’s dark and gothic nature on the reason why James Holmes mysteriously decided to going on a killing spree.  While this is a terrible incident that should never have happen, It’s nice to see that people DO care about victims of such an awful  event.  I just wish Colorado could catch a break – first columbine, now this.


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