Star Wars And George Lucas

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Star Wars, Uncategorized

It’s an ongoing debate that will linger in time in a state of never ending…Is George Lucas responsible for staying true to a story he’s made, or can he simply do whatever he wants?

There are many people so DEAD SET against him for creating episodes 1, 2, and 3 in addition to the “edits” made in the original trilogy – they claim it “ruined their childhood.”  But on the other side of the spectrum there exists a group of loyal fans who’ll never say anything negative about the director.  And, as with most nerdy cases, there exists a middle group who sees the validity in both sides of the argument – trying to remain neutral while staying true to their likes and dislikes.

My perspective is taken from an interesting angle as I sit amongst thousands of like-minded fans that grew up watching the original trilogy on the TV – commercials and all!  But I also have the experience of having seen the old films re-released on the big screen for generation #2 to enjoy in remastered awesomeness.  Not too long after that, Episodes 1 – 3 took center stage.  One high school diploma, college degree, a marriage and a move from Iowa to Colorado later, I find myself in the midst of a third theatrical release of Star Wars in the shape of a three dimensional Episode 1.

I hate the new additions and edits George Lucas implemented into his original series – and I hate the episodes 1 – 3 even more!  However, I understand that, despite these frustrations, my childhood isn’t tarnished by these changes.  I can always go back and watch the Star Wars I grew up loving and pay no attention to, or skip over the “crap” that came with it.  (If only I had kept my original Star Wars VHS tapes, I would be a happy man!)

The question still remains, even after 13 years of the release of Episode 1 – What is George Lucas after?  What is he trying to do?  Why take this kind of approach to a beloved saga?  And the answers to these questions are internally answered by each fan, by way of saying “George Lucas is nothing more than a money maker who cares very little for the desires of fans” or “This is George Lucas’ story and he can do what he wants.”  Which is the right answer?

Apprentice A presents a solid response to all of the heat fans of blowing at Lucas.  He keeps an open mind while subtly expressing his own opinions…

The truth of the matter is, no matter what George Lucas does, he will always have loyal fans and haters…like most creators right?  Enjoy what you want, but Apprentice A is right, George Lucas is paying a price.

  1. That was an interesting video, I like Corey Vidal he’s always seemed like a cool guy to me. This is such a complex subject, as a film maker myself, (and a die hard Star Wars fan) I’d love to sit down with George Lucas and just talk for a while. To be honest, it’s hard for me to form a deep analytic opinion with out knowing as much as I can. From what I’ve seen/read/heard I feel like I would fall into the middle category. I really do love the original trilogy and I haven’t seen the changes that are on the blu-rays, so merely going off having seen the completely original ones and the remastered dvds (and the vhs that was in between) I’m not too shook up. At the end of the day, Lucas is a story teller telling the story he had envisioned so long ago. As far as the prequel trilogy goes, my opinion constantly changes. I really love that he wanted to finish the story and fill in all these gaps and questions in everyone’s mind. Though as I say a lot to people that question the things that I write, sometimes what isn’t said is more powerful than anything that can be said. By not making them he would’ve left everything up to our imagination and in that sense it couldn’t be ruined. Although, by making them we get the exact story Lucas wanted to tell. Now, whether or not it was executed in the best possible way it could’ve been is a whole different discussion. There are a lot of things I don’t like about the new trilogy, but I’m glad it’s there. I don’t know George Lucas as a person, and I don’t know his reasoning behind the things that he does, but I know I love Star Wars. =]

    • Heretic says:

      I think there are some pretty obvious story telling aspects to his 1,2, and 3 installments that actually made the story confusing. In fact, so much of what was told in the original series doesn’t make sense when aligned with the prequels.

      For example, take the force – in the original trilogy, it’s told to be this mythological essence that is unknown, yet ever present within the lives of the Jedi. Go to Episode 1, and we find it’s not mythological, but more of a scientific theory come to life, which makes the Jedi seem more like a pact of religious nutcases who twist the facts to make a religious conviction.

      We also have the Jedi themselves who, in the original series, are called to remain calm and without anger – this is proven in every scene shown in episodes 4, 5, and 6. The prequels don’t support that established part of the mythology, especially when we find Qui-gon fighting Darth Maul, using his patience and quiet demeanor in the fight, only to die at maul’s hands. Obi-Wan, however, strikes back with anger and aggression, ultimately defeating Maul. Something doesn’t make sense here.

      There’s also a few plot pieces that were overlooked, such as Princess Leia, in Episode 6, She tells Luke that she vaguely remembers her mother, but DOES remember her. We can assume from this that Leia was at least old enough remember her mom. But in Episode 3, we see Pad-mai die almost immediately after both Luke and Leia were born. I find it quite impossible to believe that Leia could remember images of Pad-Mai when she really didn’t have the brain capacity to do so.

      There’s also the inconsistent factor of Darth Vador never mentioning Pad-Mai or Qui-Gon in the original series even though they were both big parts of his life growing up.

      What made the original series so good was that the protagonist was very clearly defined – Luke was down on his luck, in a bad place in his life, and things just weren’t going well for him. He was presented with an obstacle he had to overcome, and we routed for him! Who were we supposed to route for in Episode 1? Who was the main character? The Jedi? No, they were just on some boring mission that’s quickly forgotten. Amedala? no, the story wasn’t really about her, she was just a side character. Anakin? I would argue no – even though he destroys the station at the end, we really don’t meet him until half way through the movie right? Plus, everything going on around him is out of his control, and he doesn’t really understand what’s going on in the first place.

      now later, in the 2nd and 3rd episodes, Anakin becomes the obvious protagonist, but he isn’t a character we care about due to the poorly written dialog and confusing way he goes about dealing with his life.

      The list goes on with how inconsistent Lucas was with his story. I guess i find the juxtaposition between the original trilogy and the newer one as completely separate entities that hardly resemble one another.

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