Gay Metropolis…

Posted: May 21, 2012 in DC Comics, Gay Superheroes

According to, one of the more popular and prominent DC Superheroes will come out of the closet in an upcoming issue…proving once again that homosexuality is still being used a a marketing tool and selling point within the media.  Article below…

Your favorite DC Comics character might be gay. In an interview at the Kapow Comics Convention, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio said that a “prominent” DC Comics character will soon come out of the closet, reversing an earlier statement where he had said DC was more likely to insert a new LGBT character than “out” an existing one. Twitter users have cited Aquaman and Wonder Woman as the most likely candidates. They won’t be the first gay characters in comics, though. “It’s sad when DC is playing catch-up to Archie. And the entire comics industries of Japan and Europe,” tweeted @Joe_Hunter. Once they start catching up, though, it could happen in a Flash.

To be honest, I could care less about ANY of my favorite superhero’s sexual preference.  Being gay won’t make them any different to me despite the fact that a lot of people may have a hang up about it, in both positive and negatives ways.

The “coming out” issue will most likely spawn facebook posts and statuses from fellow comic book nerds that will read something like, “Dude, I love the fact that (anonymous superhero name here) is gay!” or “I have so much more respect for DC Comics now!” or “I hate that (anonymous superhero name here) is gay, it ruins the character for me.” or “Whelp, my childhood is ruined now!”

This could very well be a good thing or a bad thing…but does it really matter?  I believe every company SHOULD support homosexuality as a civil right.  (Hopefully the future will qualify everyone as human beings and not label them with “sexual preference” stickers on their foreheads.)   However, I suspect more of an unneeded and over hyped reaction will come from fans and non fans alike, especially if it turns out the “prominent” superhero coming out is a man!

If Wonder Woman or Power Girl turns out to be gay, the guys will love it, with the girls following close by while rolling their eyes, as if to say “typical.”  If it turns out to be a man, however, the stories surrounding that character, at least for the first few issues, will be filled with controversy and angst – stories involving men being gay seem to spurn more hot button topics rather than with women.

But, of course, by posting about this I’m only hyping the news up even more.  But what do you guys think?  Does it matter to you if one of your favorite superheroes turned out to be gay?  Comments and disagreements welcome…


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