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Gay Metropolis…

Posted: May 21, 2012 in DC Comics, Gay Superheroes

According to, one of the more popular and prominent DC Superheroes will come out of the closet in an upcoming issue…proving once again that homosexuality is still being used a a marketing tool and selling point within the media.  Article below…

Your favorite DC Comics character might be gay. In an interview at the Kapow Comics Convention, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio said that a “prominent” DC Comics character will soon come out of the closet, reversing an earlier statement where he had said DC was more likely to insert a new LGBT character than “out” an existing one. Twitter users have cited Aquaman and Wonder Woman as the most likely candidates. They won’t be the first gay characters in comics, though. “It’s sad when DC is playing catch-up to Archie. And the entire comics industries of Japan and Europe,” tweeted @Joe_Hunter. Once they start catching up, though, it could happen in a Flash.

To be honest, I could care less about ANY of my favorite superhero’s sexual preference.  Being gay won’t make them any different to me despite the fact that a lot of people may have a hang up about it, in both positive and negatives ways.

The “coming out” issue will most likely spawn facebook posts and statuses from fellow comic book nerds that will read something like, “Dude, I love the fact that (anonymous superhero name here) is gay!” or “I have so much more respect for DC Comics now!” or “I hate that (anonymous superhero name here) is gay, it ruins the character for me.” or “Whelp, my childhood is ruined now!”

This could very well be a good thing or a bad thing…but does it really matter?  I believe every company SHOULD support homosexuality as a civil right.  (Hopefully the future will qualify everyone as human beings and not label them with “sexual preference” stickers on their foreheads.)   However, I suspect more of an unneeded and over hyped reaction will come from fans and non fans alike, especially if it turns out the “prominent” superhero coming out is a man!

If Wonder Woman or Power Girl turns out to be gay, the guys will love it, with the girls following close by while rolling their eyes, as if to say “typical.”  If it turns out to be a man, however, the stories surrounding that character, at least for the first few issues, will be filled with controversy and angst – stories involving men being gay seem to spurn more hot button topics rather than with women.

But, of course, by posting about this I’m only hyping the news up even more.  But what do you guys think?  Does it matter to you if one of your favorite superheroes turned out to be gay?  Comments and disagreements welcome…


The Avengers continues to be a hit at the box office, but now it’s becoming a popular fan film viral sensation, but not in the way you’d think.  Apparently the Avengers is appealing as a boy band!  I know that doesn’t make complete sense since there’s a female on the team, but let’s not get into specifics.

IGN came out with there Avengers boy band video a few days ago, but while it’s great in video quality and graphics, the lesser known, lower quality video from ScreenTeamShow is the better of the two in my opinion…

And here’s IGN’s Avenger’s music video.  Still fun, just no where NEAR as cool as the above.  Just Syain’…

Yeah, this is a student film that’s becoming a quick viral sensation, and rightly so!  There’s a lot of heart going into this piece, and it should bring you to tears in only a few minutes.  Enjoy…

The early90’s brought on a horde of advertisements promoting sex education and drug abuse education.  It may have been cheesy, but it was all well intentioned.  Free Comic Book Day reminded me of some of those ads from my childhood that, even as an eleven year old kid, thought were the coolest things ever.  Here, take a look at a few…

WARNING! You are about to be served a platter full of cheese, corn, and other hokey dialoging…

To start off, let’s just come to an agreement that Nightwing’s 90’s costume is HORRID!  Let’s also come to terms with the fact that Beastboy is kind of a jerk face kid who’s all about facing intergalactic terrors, but can’t get over his homophobia.  (I think it’s true even now!)

It’s nice to see Dick Grayson not acting the fool and providing some very thoughtful insight concerning Beastboy’s ignorance.  But, as usual, the woman knows all and puts her foot down when boys are dumb.  Way to go Donna Troy! (I’m assuming it’s Donna Troy.)

“Don’t be a stupid boy” is the moral of this PSA.  DC does a good job integrating some sympathy for Bea as she explains her experience with friends who have died from aids or are suffering from the HIV virus.

Booster and Blue Beetle are known for their crazy antics and silly banter, not too mention their clueless behavior to the feelings of others.  So it’s nice to see Booster taking something as terrifying as AIDS seriously.

Then again, Bea does leave the room with a tease, asking the two of them to know the facts and dangers of AIDS…especially for her.  (Does she want them?)

And then, the one I remember the best – Green Lantern, John Stewart fighting prejudice…does it seem a bit cliche that a black man is the one chosen to fight the biggots?

John Stewart, being the fantastic steward of goodness and justice that he is, fights the prejudice with the power of WORDS rather than by the power of his ring.  By the end of the ad, John Stewart flies off, and everyone stands together in a harmonious stance of brotherhood.  Ugh so Cheesey!  But still a good message.

But wait!  There’s more!  Take a lookie here…

Yeah, that’s right, Hal Jordan did the same exact thing in an earlier issue!  Isn’t it wonderful that DC can use two superheroes, both having different colored skin, interchangeably to promote the same message!  Gee whiz, can’t that mob ever learn their lesson?  And when will that couple learn to stay away from the haters???

Free Comic Book Day brought back a lot of cheesy memories for me, and I still have a ton of back issues to go through in order to reminisce on the days of old.

Oh, and if any of you would like to try and see if those hotlines are still active, give all three a call…you might be surprised!


More old ads to come!….

Indeed everyone, indeed.  It is that most spectacular of days, the Intergalactic holiday known Star Wars Day, May the 4th.  All across America and in many parts of the world, fans will be sitting down in their homes or going to a local theater, dressed up in Star Wars garb and watching all six Star Wars films in honor of might very well be the most successful film franchise in the history of cinema.  This is a good day.

I, regretfully, will not be partaking in any movie marathons as I will be in Denver today with my wonderful wife looking at fantastic pieces of artwork in a house museum.  I may regret not having a Star Wars movie marathon, but I don’t regret going to the art exhibit.  However, there will be a part of me that feels like it’s missing out on something.

What makes this weekend extra nerdy?  The Avengers movie came out yesterday!  And don’t forget, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Since I’ll be in Denver all weekend, I’ll be going to my local comic book store Saturday morning and grabbing the goods, as well as taking some time to see the Avengers.  yes, there will be a review on here later.

Anyways, Enjoy today everyone!  Have friends over, watch Star Wars, and May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars Day!  Here’s a video from a viral nerd friend of mine, Shayna Gibson, singing a tribute to Han Solo…