Artist’s Corner: Carlos Valenzuela

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Art, Artist's Corner

The best part about being a comic book nerd on Facebook is being friends with numerous people I’ve never met who have access, and know, great artists.  I enjoy all forms of art, but the kind that appeals to me the most is that of clean lines and incredible detail.  Carlos Valenzuela goes beyond that, diving into the retro and campy vintage style pin-ups and horror/sci-fi movie posters.You can think the old horror films are a little too “cheap” for your tastes, but I’ll always love them!

This might just be one of my favorite pieces by him

There’s quite a bit of nostalgia coursing through the veins of all his pieces, especially in his black and white works of art; capturing the very essence and meaning of the old sci-fi and horror films while presenting it with a much cleaner and more pristine style.  I actually never thought the campy, horror films from before I was born could look gorgeous…I have been officially proven wrong!

If you’ll notice (for those of you who frequent my blog) my header has been changed to a classic movie monsters motif.  Thanks to the amazing art of Valenzuela, my blog page looks that much better!

This is the BEST rendition of Jessica Rabbit I've ever seen!

But his genre interests vary, from old school horror, to comic book super heroes.  He dives into color as well as black and white, but also has the ability to CHANGE his style.  If I didn’t have his deviant art page to help me know that everything there was his, I would have trouble picking out his work a lot of the time.

I’m a huge fan of his Marvel and DC Comics commissions, but as far as the comic book genre is concerned, I think his World War II era renditions are my favorite.  This is an artist who KNOWS how to research, making his period pieces THAT much more enjoyable.

"Every bond you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best man's gun"

Of course, the way he portrays women are nothing more than things to look at, but I’m not going to delve into that and dwell on it.  You take from the art what you want.  For me, this is PURE artistry that gets me excited to do sketches similar to this.

If you like what you see, visit Valenzuela’s Deviant Art page to see more.  If you don’t like what you see…you’re wrong!

It's amazing how such a minor character, who had very little influence on the initial Star Wars story, became such an icon.


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