The Artist’s Corner: Stephanie Buscema Brings The 60’s Back

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Art, Stephanie Buscema

Well this is an awkward situation. Who cares though right?

Don’t deny it, there’s a certain appeal to things that are no longer main stream or popular.  The rarity of anything no longer being mass produced or pumped out on a regular basis somehow creates a cult following, or at least a desire to have something reminiscent of the past.

In the invisible jet...Looks cozy!

Stephanie Buscema is one such person who’s been keeping the 60’s visual arts alive and kicking!  Did you grow up watching the Jetsons or the Flintstones?  Well, her art might call out to your nostalgic senses.  From the look of things, Buscema seems to enjoy the “direct to paper” application rather than digitally mastered penciling and painting.  I can definitely relate to this as I get more out of holding a pencil gliding along on paper in real time than going straight on to the computer.  As an old school artist, I’m certain Buscema prefers that classic way of doing things.

Scary, yet spectacular!

You’ll probably recognize her work as being inspired by vintage TV shows like the opening sequence from Bewitched, the Jetsons, and many others from the Hanna-Barbera days of animation.  From the bio on her website, it looks as if she’s continually creating work everyday and getting paid for it.  I’m certainly glad for it too!  It’s rare to see this type of style still being honored and visualized by such a talented artist.  Thanks Stephanie, you are amazing!

Below were some of my favorites pieces I found on her website, but everything she does is amazing!  Go to her website and enjoy it all!

Death, one of Neil Gaiman's greatest creations...and this doesn't step outside her character either!!

Wonder Woman will always be my crush

I had forgotten about the Rockateer...this is perfect!


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