Veritaserum – Should It Be Forbidden?

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Harry Potter, Veritaserum

So if you are in the elite group of cool people that’s read the book’s and seen the films, you know about the books incredible influence beyond a simple peripheral awareness.  Within the entire series comes a plethora of spells and potions, all of which, and don’t deny it, have raised the question, “Would I use that?”

Ethical behavior is one of J.K. Rowling’s most consistent themes in each book, occurring multiple times throughout.  No doubt, the use of each potion and spell makes us consider our own choices in life.  Were given the opportunity to use any one of these magical elements, you’d be faced with a rather ethical conundrum now wouldn’t you?

Take Veritaserum for example, I know that there are tons of lies swarming around me and among the people I hang out with and not.  While I know there are a lot of lies that I would prefer to be kept as such, there are a few times where I’ve wanted to beat the truth out of certain people I know!  Wouldn’t it be great to simply slip a few drops of said potion into a friends drink to decipher  the truth?  There’s no pain, no physical after affects, and the truth comes out with no trouble!  Life would be easier wouldn’t it?  But there’s that ethical question to deal with, damn it!

But let’s look at this from a different vantage point, from a militaristic point of view if you will.  Say we capture a terrorist!  There would be no need for these torture methods Bush was trying to enforce, and it would be a simple matter of 3 drops into his or her mouth and problem solved! We decipher the source of the terror and end the bloodshed.

Politicians and the government would be compelled to be honest and treat the people much fairer if they knew they could undergo a Veritaserum interrogation.  If you’re thinking that goes too far, think about it again…no pain, no after affect, no torture, just a simple matter of drinking some potion to find out the truth.  Seems tempting doesn’t it it?

Many other truths could be willed out; We could find out if gas prices REALLY need to be as high as they are, Court proceedings on murder cases would be simple, theft would be a thing of the past, and fraud could be taken out of the picture.

So, I ask again, if given the opportunity, would you use Veritaserum?  Or are their too many ethical dilemmas that string along with its use?  Is it good in theory, or could it actually work?  People keep spouting out that lies are the most destructive force in the world, could this be the answer?

If nothing else, boys could be forced to let their true feelings show…

hhhmmmm, on second thought….


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