Fan Art: Disney Princesses as Sailor Scouts by WitchySaint

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Anime, Deviant Art, Disney, Disney Princess

Mixing and matching aspects of my childhood are always awesome, but this piece of fan art takes the cake.  Granted there are some fantastic pieces of fan art out there, but something always comes out of the blue that knocks me for a loop.

Get past the sexual nature of the pictures please.  While I completely understand that this is almost unnecessarily sexual, it’s still good art!  She paid close attention to the details that defined each individual Disney Princess, but added in the anime qualities as well, giving us a perfect mixture of the two.

Head on over to Witchy Saint’s Deviant Art page and see more of her stuff!  nothing she has there looks half-assed; it’s all clean, smooth, and epic as can be.  Chances are I’ve seen her work in comic books before, if only I could pin point where.  Oh well, I’m sure someone will point it out to me if this is the case.


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