The Death And Return Of Superman…Explained?

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Comics, DC Comics, Max Landis, Superman

So the only real reason why this video is entertaining is because Max Lanids’s ability to make any story sound awful is pretty funny, as well as having guest stars like Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood, and Ron Howard.  However, Landis does leave out a lot of details concerning the death and return of Superman.  But before I go on, have a looksie….

Nothing he’s says is wrong, the return of Superman is one very complicated mess of a story. Landis, however, decides to leave out some very important details that helped give the entire arc coherency.  (Is that a word?)

From Superhero Hype

If you’ve read the comic, you’ll know that it wasn’t this big secret that Superman’s energy was still out there searching for his body, and that these clones weren’t the real Superman.  Landis makes it out as if the REAL Superman’s return was this big surprise.

This video has too many gaping holes in it, which leaves very little for readers unfamiliar to the comics to go off of.  Landis does a great job at picking and choosing what he wants to talk about so he can rip it apart like it was the worst thing to happen to comics.  If only he, himself, actually knew what he was talking about.

True, Superman’s death and return did change how death was utilized in the comic book genre, but that doesn’t make it a bad story arc.  Death for superheroes doesn’t necessarily mean DEATH anymore; you can always count on superheroes returning from the grave.  But, of course, Geoff Johns help give a deeper meaning to rising superheroes with Blackest Night right?

He’s a pretty shitty writer.  Whoever thought Chronicle was a good idea for a movie needs to rethink the trust they put into this joke of a screen writer.  It’s clear he has no respect for the Superman stories.  Which is fine, he doesn’t have to like them.  But for someone who knows the history of Superman quite well, it’s hard to watch this and not think to myself, “you’re an idiot.”


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