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She must REALLY like Meryl Streep!

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Peejay Catacutan Whispers…”No!”

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Art

Rorschach is one of my favorite anti-heroes in comics, films, etc, and I’m always looking for interesting pieces of fan art out there on the viral side of life.  There’s always some interesting things out there, but then I found this little gem…

I then went on a hunt for more of this artist’s stuff and came upon his deviant art page.  Everyone should go check it out, he’s got some great stuff out there, comic book art and non comic book art.  But from what I’ve seen there, he’s got some of his own comic book panels he’s made.  Peejay, if you’re trying to get a comic book published, good luck to you!  You’ve got the talent to do so!

Some other works I found interesting from his page are below.  Make sure you go to his Deviant Art page to see more.  Enjoy…

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He says “no,” but his eyes say “yes, yes, YES!!!”

The editors really messed up on this one.

DC Comic’s “trinity” has always been an interesting concept; Superman is the positive thinker who believes in the natural good within people, Batman is the negative force that is convinced everyone is evil by nature, and the two are always at odds.  Wonder Woman acts as that buffer between the two, holding equally to both ideals that Supes and Bats does.

Artist Dave Despau has created three “bust” renditions of the three said heroes, giving only a splash of color to represent a little of their own specific personalities.  Despau is somewhat unfamiliar to me, but I have seen a few pieces of art in his repertoire, and these three additions of his are my favorites.

Wonder Woman In An All American Light

Superman Splashing Out His Big "S"

Batman Never Looks At His Fans, Ugh!

How Dumb Is Lois Lane?

Posted: February 12, 2012 in DC Comics, Superman

The perfect disguise! Even a mother can be fooled!

How dumb is Lois Lane?  That’s the question so many have asked themselves when it comes Superman’s disguise.  How was she able to work with Clark Kent for so long and not recognize the obvious?  Do glasses truly make someone look different enough that they become unrecognizable?  A man from the future by the name of Tempus demonstrated to Lois how truly obvious this should have been to her…

This has been a jolting question for people all throughout the country.  Who IS stupid enough to fall for such a terrible disguise.  I wear glasses and people still recognize me with or without them.  I will admit, people who wear glasses do have a different look when they take off their specs, but you can still tell who they are right?  Especially if you spend everyday WORKING with that person.

In issue #330 of Superman in 1978, DC attempted to address this question to help the whole concept make sense and keep fans from constantly complaining about it.  This issue addressed Superman’s inability to comprehend how he’s fooled so many people for so long…

How is it that Lana can't even accept Superman is Clark Kent, even after he admits to that fact?

Here Superman thinks about how ridiculous he's disguise really is

Supes even admits to the fact this idea for a disguise should never have worked.

Later, however, in the very same issue, we are given a logical reasoning for the mild mannered reporter disguise and how it actually does work.  Apparently the simple task of changing one’s hair, slouching a bit, and wearing a pair of glasses, in contrast with Superman’s demeanor is enough to change people’s perception of you.  The PERFECT disguise!  The simpler the disguise, the greater the anonymity…

See? It all makes sense now doesn't it?

So, how does DC explain it all?  Well, for those of you who may not have known, Superman has gone through MANY changes in his 70 + year existence. When the infamous graphic novel, Crisis on Infinite Earths was being published in single magazine form, Superman had been drastically altered.  Writers were finding it extremely difficult to write stories for a superhero who could basically do anything he wanted and beat anyone to crossed him.  After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman was significantly DEPOWERED to help him become much more relatable for readers, and easier to write for.

Before the depowering, Superman had one significant ability… hypnotism.  And just like with Batman, where every aspect of his costume serves a purpose, Superman’s glasses were also given a purpose, allowing his hypnotic abilities (as well as the other powers that come from his eyeballs) and specs to work simultaneously…

His ship was apart of his costume design.

And there you have it, the justification for Superman’s seemingly terrible disguise.  It truly is the best way of making sense of it all.  If you had to keep the disguise, how else would you explain it?  DC, under the circumstances, did a good job.

Do you buy it?  I certainly don’t!  As much as I love Superman, it will never make sense to me.  But it’s really not something I worry about.  It’s comics, the suspension of disbelief is needed in order to enjoy the mystical world of any superhero comic.

So the only real reason why this video is entertaining is because Max Lanids’s ability to make any story sound awful is pretty funny, as well as having guest stars like Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood, and Ron Howard.  However, Landis does leave out a lot of details concerning the death and return of Superman.  But before I go on, have a looksie….

Nothing he’s says is wrong, the return of Superman is one very complicated mess of a story. Landis, however, decides to leave out some very important details that helped give the entire arc coherency.  (Is that a word?)

From Superhero Hype

If you’ve read the comic, you’ll know that it wasn’t this big secret that Superman’s energy was still out there searching for his body, and that these clones weren’t the real Superman.  Landis makes it out as if the REAL Superman’s return was this big surprise.

This video has too many gaping holes in it, which leaves very little for readers unfamiliar to the comics to go off of.  Landis does a great job at picking and choosing what he wants to talk about so he can rip it apart like it was the worst thing to happen to comics.  If only he, himself, actually knew what he was talking about.

True, Superman’s death and return did change how death was utilized in the comic book genre, but that doesn’t make it a bad story arc.  Death for superheroes doesn’t necessarily mean DEATH anymore; you can always count on superheroes returning from the grave.  But, of course, Geoff Johns help give a deeper meaning to rising superheroes with Blackest Night right?

He’s a pretty shitty writer.  Whoever thought Chronicle was a good idea for a movie needs to rethink the trust they put into this joke of a screen writer.  It’s clear he has no respect for the Superman stories.  Which is fine, he doesn’t have to like them.  But for someone who knows the history of Superman quite well, it’s hard to watch this and not think to myself, “you’re an idiot.”