Dr. Seuss And The DC Universe…

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Batman, DC Comics

Remember a while back when DC Comics came out with a few volumes of graphic novels titled “What if Stan Lee Created the DC Universe?”  It was a conglomeration of DC most popular superheroes, but with that Stan Lee twist.  Things looked similar, but very different at the same time…and interesting.

Well, Dr. Faustas from Deviant Art has concocted his own version of the popular DC heroes…Dr. Seuss style!  I’ve done it, and I’m sure you comic book artists out there have tried it as well, and famous artists have done it too, always asking the question, “what WOULD my favorite heroes be like if I had made them?”  Dr. Faustas tried to interpret the Batman universe in Dr. Seuss’s image. These images are pretty darn cool I might add.  Every single one of these were pulled from Dr. Fuastas’s Deviant Art page, and I take no ownership of them.  Please visit his Deviant Art page and view more of his awesome work!


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