Breaking Dawn Movie Review

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Breaking Dawn, Movie Review, Twilight

So for those of you who know me, you KNOW that I would NEVER, in a million years go see any of the Twilight films, with exception of the first two.  The first one I saw via Netflix, the second the same way.  I then vowed to NEVER again watch any of the other films that are out, or that will come out.  So, why is there a movie review of Breaking Dawn on my blog?  The answer is simple…because it will get me major blog hits!

But I haven’t actually seen the movie, and don’t plan to.  However, I have read the reviews and, without a doubt, the one you are about to see is the best!  Below are a set a drawings created by Amanda LaPergola over at The Mary Sue.  This is the best review of a shitty movie I’ve seen in a while.  Yes, I’m stealing this from another website.  If you have an issue with this, tough!  Unless you’re Amanda LaPergola, in which case I apologize to you and think you’re freaking amazing for drawing these out!

Enjoy everyone!  Amanda hits it right on the money!


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