What Was Going Through William Moulton Marston’s Head?

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Where Monsters Dwell, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Wednesday

Ok, to start off, It’s Wednesday, and my favorite program will be on tonight, 7:00 sharp!  If you you have time, go to Where Monsters Dwell and enjoy the geekdom and nerdiness!  And secondly, it’s new comic day!  And while I have a few comics that will come to me in the mail, I have three titles to pick up at my local comic shop…Catwoman #2, Green Lantern Corps#2, and the over delayed second issue of Justice League.  It’s a good day for new comics.

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from classic Wonder Woman and her days of bondage.  Any of you want to take a guess at what the heck was going through William Moulton Marston’s head?


That's right guys, don't throw off a woman's vanity...it will screw up their entire day...LOL

Tie 'em up Wondy! Bondage it is!!!


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