Catwoman #1 Review

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Batman, Catwoman, Comic Book Review, DC Comics, Guillem March, Judd Winink

Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Guillem March
Colorist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Cover Art: Guillem March

The Plot
Danger around every corner!  Some of it instigated by Catwoman, some of it by the evil doers around her.  Either way, Catwoman has a knack for attracting danger.

Of course what does one do when their home is attacked by men in skull masks who blow up your domicile shortly afterwards?  Catwoman is filled with a series of events that are seemingly unconnected, yet give us insight into the persona one of DC’s sexiest villainesses.  And it’s only the beginning!

My Heretical Opinion
Ok, let’s get it out of the way, this is a sexually driven comic book.  Guillem March is just as notorious as Ed Benes for making all his women slender, athletic, boobaliscious, and as ass-tastic as possible.  But let’s not concern ourselves with that at this very moment, because while #1 definitely shows off Catwoman’s exceptional features, the story definitely has more meat on its bones than that and it simply uses sex as the catapult into a darker and more disturbing arc that is bound to deliver sweet results, both literary, figuratively, and visually.

Catwoman #1 hits the ground running with amazing action and riveting suspense.  The first four pages succeeded in causing my anticipation muscle to tense up and beg for more; something Catwoman wants out of me, I’m sure,  as this issue dives into her mentality, giving us a picture of what makes her tick and why she acts the way she does.

It’s her love and flare for danger that gives Catwoman a rise.  The little public disturbances aren’t even worth the effort in her mind.  It’s almost as if she lives for the BIG, daily risks that life provides.  She says it herself doesn’t she?

“I’m not sure I like doing anything unless it puts me out on a limb.  ‘Cuz that’s where the fruit is, right?

This issue describes Catwoman in the best way possible.  She isn’t simply a thief and public menace because she’s desperate for money, she leads this kind of life because…well…it turns her on!  March gives us a perfect display of this from the very beginning as Catwoman jumps out of her window, bullets chasing after her, with a smile on her face…

I can't smile like that under pressure, can you?

Now we haven’t gotten to the point where this sexual undertone is clearly defined (with exception of the art) as we get a brief interlude into Catwoman’s social network.  She still has friends who are willing to help her and look beyond her life as a criminal.  Her friendship with Lolo clearly illustrates that, while Catwoman is undoubtedly all women, she still has a little girl deep inside her (get your minds out of the gutter)  who desires personal connections with friends.

No doubt that this issue is one of the raunchiest that DC has ever produced as it’s almost pornographic!  The last scene where Batman enters into the story brings the ultimate climax to the mix.  If I were a betting man (and I’m not) I would say Winick and March were trying to see how far they could go without making this first issue a porno comic.  Violence and sex make for a great read!

But even in her successful quest in obtaining a job and a temporary place to live, her life in normalcy is brief, interrupted by a ghost of her past.  We can only assume, based on the sepia toned flash back sequence, that the woman murdered in front of Selina’s very eyes by the bastard, Renald, was her mother.  If not her mother, then someone she cared for deeply.  We are then, of course, presented with an unforgettable image that I’m sure every guy fantasizes about in hopes that something like this would one day happen to them…

Moments before I die, I get to see this...totally worth dying for right??

Guillem March does a fantastic job with every single panel of this issue.  Each page is filled with color and detail, with every panel as lively as the next.   One of my favorites in on page 13, with March giving us a violently detailed and graphic four panel page that is completely in black and white, with exception to Selina’s red wig and Renald’s splattering blood; beautifully reminiscent of Frank Miller’s “Sin City” cinematography. Of course, afterwards, what happens?  Selina leaves with a smile…another wonderfully “happy” moment in the life of the danger magnet, Catwoman.

With all of this violence and tension buildup, Selina is most definitely ready for some type of physical release.  Enter Batman to help with that.  Judd Winick presents the same type of idea that Alan Moore presented with his masterpiece, Watchmen.  The danger and thrill of what comic superheroes and supervillains have to endure (whether by choice or no) on a daily basis has never been truly described as a type of aphrodisiac, except with Watchmen, and now with Catwoman.

It’s certainly true that Batman can now enjoy the results of Catwoman’s obsession at the end of each day.  But the interesting thing is, Catwoman and Batman leave their costumes on, only removing the parts of clothing necessary to have intercourse.  Symbolic me thinks! But for you concerned readers, know that this reboot of Catwoman is definitely NOT G rated.

This is an appropriate representation Catwoman.  She doesn’t seem very different in how her character is represented, but more so in her motives, desires, and needs.  Catwoman should be shown as a lively person who thrives under the thrill of danger…as well as getting very excited by it all.  With all of this, however, Judd Winick adds in a bit of sympathy intermingled with it all.  And I suspect that this sexually driven title will emerge into something bigger and better than it already is in future issues.

10 out of 10

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