Batman vs. Darth Vader…Who Wins?

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Batman, Star Wars

So, who do you think would win?  I lean towards Batman; he’s a martial arts expert, master of hiding in dark places, (which is where Darth hangs out most of the time) has gadgets to block telepathy, owns an electromagnetic pulse generator which would dissipate Darth Vador’s mechanical body, and is much quicker than Darth in ever sense of the word.

But as wrong as you may be, I’m willing to hear your opinions about why Darth Vador might be able to be Batman…keyword, MIGHT!  I’m also welcoming people to comment and support my theory as well.  But to help establish my points, here are a few examples of Batman’s awesomness in taking down Darth Vador and his “oh-so-mighty” Empire.

Reason #1: Batman has beaten Superman. I don't care how you slice it, Superman is not weak minded and would own Darth Vador's ability to use the force.

Reason #2: According to polls all throughout the internet, fans give Batman the edge over Chuck Norris in a fist fight. If you can beat Chuck Norris, you can beat anyone!

Reason #3: Even those of the religious community admits to the fact that not even the almighty, all powerful God can defeat the Batman. Click to Enlarge.

Now, certainly, we can all come to the same conclusion that this would not be an easy fight for either opponent.  So based on what I know of each character, I had to analyze the tactile advantages of each, and the conclusion I came to was that Batman is smarter, faster, more resourceful, a better fighter, more illusive, and has better control over his emotions.

But if you’re still not convinced, here’s a video to prove the inevitable Batman victory; bats bringing his best to the empire in a Bat-wing/tie-fighter fight to the finish.  If you can defeat both the entire tie-fighter fleet, knock Vador’s ship off course, and blow up the Death Star all at the same time…you’re pretty much awesome.


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