What Do You Say About Wonder Woman That Hasn’t Already Been Said?

Posted: September 14, 2011 in DC Comics, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Wednesday

Just like most Wednesdays, trying to create a new topic for today’s Wonder Woman Wednesday was tough.  We can talk about how strong she is, how incredible of a role model she is for young women, and how she mirrors both the good and bad traits of Superman and Batman, but it’s all been said before.

Wonder Woman’s sexuality is something I try to stay away from because, while she’s still the hottest superhero in comic book history, she’s much more than that too.

Cracked.com, however, has taken a different approach to the Woman of Wonder with an article about how she sucks and was victim of men not really knowing how to give her powers deserving of her personality.  While I don’t agree with most of the article, nor can I figure out if the writer is being serious or humorous, it’s entertaining to read none the less.  So please click on the link in this paragraph and enjoy!

Oh, and enjoy these photos i found on the internet…

Painting By Moritat

Painting By Dennis Budd

Pulling a jet...I LOVE this sketch!


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