Superman Said A Dirty Word! Let’s Boycott Him!!!

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Action Comics, Grant Morrison, Superman, The Comic Conspiracy

Yes it’s true, and It’s hitting the internet like crazy…Superman said a swear word!!!  What are we to do now?!?!?  Superman is an American icon, and to hear him use the Lord’s name in vein is to deny that wholesome and virtuous aura that has been sprinkled all over this wonderful country of ours right?

Again, another instance where a fan complains too much!

Apparently the owner (Named Jeff Lamb) of the comic book shop, The Comic Conspiracy, located in California, order his stack of the September 7th release of new number 1’s by DC Comics, and got a little irked.  I can only imagine how this fellow comic shop owner went about his weekly reading comic book routine by starting with Action Comics…sitting back in his chair, popped open his deliciously disgusting can of Bud Light, leaned back, opened Action Comics #1 and saw this…

I don't know about you but I always take the Lord's name in vein by omitting the incredibly unimportant vowel known as the letter "O"

If you your near sighted, and don’t have your glasses on, the letters in that thought balloon are “GD.”  So, yes, the owner of The Comic Conspiracy store blew a gasket because Superman let out a grunt of pain after being hit by an explosion of brick, cement, and fire.  The full story can be found at Comic Book Resources and Digital Spy.

Certainly, I’ve always known that the best way to swear and get people riled up about it is by omitting the vowel sounds within those swear words.  Ya know, like “sht,” or “dmn,” or “fck,” or my personal favorite, “Jss fckng Chrst!”

Of course I’m being sarcastic, but let’s look at what the owner posted on his own Facebook Page

“As of today’s release of Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison, The Comic Conspiracy, will until further notice, be boycotting all future Grant Morrison books. If you want Action Comics, you will have to buy it elsewhere.”

“I could see Guy Gardner and maybe even Hal Jordan (Green Lanterns) saying it. I could see Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) saying it. I could easily see Damian Wayne (Robin) or MAYBE even Bruce Wayne saying it. But Superman was created to be the “perfect” super-hero. Unblemished. Superman is an American icon.”

“This wasn’t creative flow. It wasn’t necessary in the story. It isn’t Superman at all. And it goes against a basic Christian principle. It was a blatant stab.”

“I deal with books like “Crossed” and “The Boys”. I accepted gay characters being introduced into a children specific book like Archie Comics. I however am getting very tired of having comic writer’s liberal agendas force fed to me. Mr. Morrison has stepped over my line. If I have to stand alone on this… I will.”

Action Comics #1 Cover

I understand that, now, the owner still isn’t going to be purchasing any comics by Grant Morrison but will order them for any customer from Diamond Distributors upon request.  Furthermore, any title that he deems to be an “ADULT” book will not be available to purchase at his store unless by personal request.

I can understand holding firm to your beliefs, but to take a stance against something that was obviously a misunderstanding goes a bit too far.  I know I’ve read bits and pieces of comics and /or books and misunderstood the intent behind them, but I don’t go to an extreme like a BOYCOTT.  But for someone as well read in comics as I’m sure this man is, he sure doesn’t seem too familiar with the typical grunts and moans that come along with comics books, especially within the superhero genre.

Comics are, and have always been a bit edgy; pushing the issue of violence and sex since the late 1940’s.  The women in comics are typically depicted as sexual beings and are often times portrayed as a weaker vessel simply in how they carry themselves.  Could it be argued that the portrayal of women in comics is an ungodly depiction?

Likewise, the act violence within comics goes even further by not only being the most consistent theme within the genre, but also being glorified as a righteous and justified aspect of life.  Again, could this be viewed as an ungodly lifestyle being promoted by comics?

Out of response to the widely publicized boycott, an artist over at “Let’s Be Friends Again” drew up a very funny comic strip showing how ridiculous the shop owner is being…

When Batman grunts, he gets applause and money, but when Superman grunts, the world comes to an end!

This specific comic shop owner can uphold any belief he wants and has the right to say what he wants about literature that seemingly goes against his upbringing.  But I would recommend to this person that, before you go making claims that someone is portraying God in a terrible way, make sure you aren’t interpreting the author’s intentions incorrectly and calling him names because of it.  As you state on your facebook page Mr. Lamb, you believe people should get a life and stop belittling you for having a belief that does not mirror your own.  Practice what you preach and you may get that same courtesy.

  1. Al says:

    Amen, Reverend Deacon Doctor Trustee Usher Board President Choir Director and Church Bus Driver Trapp!!

  2. gemgirl61 says:

    Well, guess what! Superman is not Jesus! Yes, Superman has always been thought to be the perfectly pure one, but think about it, he’s not even from Earth. Maybe he doesn’t believe in the Christian God. Anyhow, what bugs me is that they are complaining about a cuss word but have they ever complained about the scantly clad, tiny waist, large breasted female characters we see in comic books all the time? Hmmm, makes you wonder.

    • Heretic says:

      That’s exactly my point, I in fact talk about that fact briefly in this posting. There’s definitely a double standard going on here. Now he has apologized for the things he’s said and relinquished the boycott, but it’s going to be hard to truly out live this stupid little thing he initiated. He jumped to a conclusion that will stay with him for some time.

      I’m also not sure what his recent comment on his facebook page even mean. “Action Comics is a mainstream comic and shouldn’t have the Lord’s name taken in vein” to summarizing the bulk of his arguments. I think his over the top, conservative, snotty Christian attitude has gone a little too far, and I also think his reason for keeping Action Comics “pure” is faulty.

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