The Mysterious Hooded Woman’s Identity…

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Adventures of Superman, DC Comics, DCnU, Kismet, Superman

Flashpoint #5 revealed something rather interesting and perplexing…A mysterious hooded woman that stood back and watched the Flash change the timeline back to the “way it should be.”  And of course, like any loyal batch of fans would do, speculation occurs all over the world wide net.

Is this woman an old character from DC’s past, or is it a new character that Johns decided to concoct out of thin air?  It’s hard to know really, but there seems to be a lean towards believing her to be an already existing character.  I’m kind of leaning towards that option myself, but I don’t want to give my hopes up just yet.

If she were an already existing character of DC’s past, I would suspect it to be the cosmic hottie, Kismet, who made her first appearance in Adventures of Superman #494.  Kismet seemed to have an unlimited amount of cosmic power at her arsenal and acted as if the entire universe had very little control over her…if any at all.

From Adventures Of Superman #494

However, the key thing for me is her power to manipulate time and space…which means she is unaffected by the passage of time.  This leads me to believe that even with the Flash bringing the timeline to it’s “original state,” Kismet would remain as she is.

The issue is, however, the undoubtedly different look Kismet has in comparison to the hooded women presented in Flashpoint and very briefly in Justice League #1.  That could be a result of design changes made by Jim Lee, but it leaves me wondering about what could be.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree with me that Kismet is a likely candidate for the mystery women, or do you believe someone else to be the most likely suspect?  Or, do you think this is a phantom, an unknown character that is completely new to the DCU?  Opinions are welcome.


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