The New DC Universe…Is The Modern Age Over?

Posted: September 3, 2011 in DC Comics, DCnU

Wednesday marked the beginning of the onslaught of the new 52 and the revamped DC Universe.  Based on what I read in Justice League #1, I have a feeling only good things are to come from this reboot.  But there is one thing that still lingers in the back of my brain, something that I’m not sure will ever go away completely.

Justice League #62. Published in 1992. The first superhero comic book I ever picked up.

My comic book escapades began back in the early 1990’s when I first picked up Justice League of America #61.  This, obviously, was during the modern age of comics which began somewhere in the middle of the 80’s.  But now I wonder…is the modern age over?  Has it met its end?

If we look back, each age is documented as lasting for no more than twenty years.  (Golden Age, 1930’s – 1950’s, Silver Age, 1956 – 1970, Bronze Age, 1970 – 1985)  The modern age of comics was what I grew up with, and since I’ve been reading comics for just over twenty years, it reasonable to deduce that a new age is upon us.

So the question is…is the current age of comics that began in the early 80’s completed?  Will the NEW modern age have a start date in the history books of 2011?  Let’s face it, some fairly significant things are happening for superhero comics right now; Spider-Man died, (right?) Marvel seems to have an event to end all events, (Fear Itself) Blackest Night almost destroyed everyone we knew but helped to revitalize the entire DCU, and DC Comics has just rebooted its entire universe!  It feels as if these events, and many more, are pin pointing the dawn of a new era within superhero comics.  What do you guys think?

Justice League, Then and Now. Subtract Martian Manhunter and add in Cyborg

It’s always fun to see the differences between the different ages of comics, especially within the Justice League.  It’s one of the most ever changing superhero teams that we’ve come to know.  But with every reboot or dawn of a new age, the League is always started anew with the big name heroes….Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc etc.  But this time will be different won’t it?  All the heroes are being revamped with a purpose, with DC keeping the potential NEW readers more in their thoughts and not so much the old ones.

DC has also gone through a plethora of different logos as well.  Each oneattempting to meet the standard that the current younger generation of comic book readers like.  I sort of toggle with the 1976 version of the logo, and the one that started in 2005.  But I find that I cling more towards the one bearing the four stars rather than the cooler, more artistic logo.  2005, while I still consider it to be MY DC, marked the day when DC started looking at a different generation of comic book readers.

Of course, being a product of the modern age of comics, I consider myself a child of the modern age…The modern age was started for me.  Not me specifically, but my generation of comic readers…the ones that would grow up during the 80’s or 90’s. DC has made it clear that this reboot is to help bring in new readers and become more accessible to those readers.  So I wonder if this reboot is, in fact, meant for me.

I’ll continue reading DC comics, I always will.  It’s one of my childhood loves that will stick with me until I die.  But with the start of the reboot, and based on what DC higher arcs have stated, this new DC reboot is not meant for me. The heroes and other characters are changing to meet a new standard, doing it’s darndest to uphold everything DC Comics has been about, but allowing change to occur.  But I am now the old foggey, a product of the last age of comics that must now must bow out and allow the new comers to dictate what they would like to see from DC Comics.  I’ve voiced my opinions (both online and through mail directly to DC) and now my time is done.

But, again, I’m not going to stop reading DC comics nor do I plan on halting my blogging efforts.  But seeing as how this reboot isn’t MEANT for me, I’m now going to take a much more laid back approach and simply enjoy my comics and not worry so much about DC screwing up my continuity.  DC fans of the future…best of luck to you!  And to DC Comics…I look forward to seeing what happens in September and how the new DC Universe will blossom.

  1. Martin Gray says:

    Thought-provoking piece, Jimmy. Gotta say, you’re being generous in considering Fear Itself a game changer. And it’s only the Ultimates Spidey that’s dead. So I wouldn’t link Marvel to the end of the Modern Age. All that’s happened really is DC doing a bit of a Heroes Reborn.

    Now that we’ve seen DC has built in a back door, I’d not be surprised were this new era to be over within five years.

    I’m still considering the DC heroes MINE – watch me whine! 😉

    • Heretic says:

      I don’t actually read marvel so I only make assumptions on the implications of Marvel comics on the genre.

      And I’ll say that the REAL DC Universe is the one I grew up with, period!

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