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Fan Made Movie Poster

Over a decade ago, Marvel Comic’s Studios brought us a film that would define a cinematic genre…X-Men.  This film marked a new era in Superhero films, calling out to studios, challenging them to make Superhero films just as good as any other action drama hitting theaters…and it seems to be working!

It’s interesting to see these single films give birth to there own franchises; Spider-Man, Batman, The Avengers, Iron Man, Superman, the list goes on.  But here’s the interesting thing; Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are the top three superheroes that non-comic book fans can name off of the top of heir head.  It’s even arguable that Spider-Man is less popular than Wonder Woman.  The big three in DC’s arsenal are almost household names and it’s very difficult for anyone to grow up without knowing who these three superheroes are.

So here’s my question…Why hasn’t Wonder Woman gotten her own film franchise??

As the years have past, wonder Woman has grown from being a figment of one man’s sexual fantasy to being one of the most iconic and powerful womanly figures that BOTH men and women can enjoy from a literary standpoint.  And while most of the male superheroes have survived off of their masculinity, (come, Thor, ya got nothin’) Wonder Woman’s character is what has kept her treking on through the years.

Wonder Woman, Through The Years...Minus The Pants Version

As I was working on this edition of “Wonder Woman Wednesday” I saw on Facebook, a post made by one of the Girls Gone Geek, Erika D. Peterman.  It’s an article asking movie studios why they haven’t taken this opportunity to create a Wonder Woman film that represents the quality that has been implemented into the superhero films within the last decade.  The article can be found here, Where is my “Wonder Woman” Movie.

Erika lists many good reasons why this film has the potential of being great, as well as listing all the reasons why it’s idiotic that a film hasn’t been made.  Wonder Woman’s last big success that got popular recognition was the Lynda Carter TV serial that remains, to this day, a campy classic.  Even the recent animated Wonder Woman, direct to DVD movie, as fantastic as it was, did not receive the popular recognition.

Wonder Woman Animated Movie...Still In Stores!!!

Personally, I’ve been anxiously waiting for a Wonder Woman film for the last five years.  Ever since Gail Simone started writing for Wonder Woman, my love for the character has become greater than my love for the Bat and Supes.  She is a combination of the two, representing the justice that Superman wishes to instill in life, but also maintaining that dark and gothic persona held within the Dark Knight’s soul.

Amongst these two qualities is the womanly and motherly instincts that Wonder Woman adopted as a child to help balance her other two characteristics.  She is one of the most compelling characters within the DC Universe and I still wish to see DC take on the Wonder Woman franchise.  Everyone’s waiting for it…why not give them what they want right?


Fellow bloggers extraordinaire, Vanessa Gabriel and Erika Peterman of Girls Gone Geek, has already posted her photo for “read your comics in public” day.  I still have time to get mine taken and posted, but it’s currently raining outside.  If it clears up, maybe I can convince my wife to help and snap a photo of me.  Or, I could wait until Thursday when I’m with all of my friends and get a good shot of EVERYONE reading a comic with me at Old Chicago’s.  hhhmmmmm, ideas are forming.

But, in the meantime, enjoy Vanessa and Erika’s  submission of their time reading a comic book in public.  Looks like a Starbucks???




Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Blunder…

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Star Wars

ahem…This is definitely not the boyfriend she’s looking for.  Of course, if I were in Obi-Wan’s shoes, I would have kept my mystical mouth shut too.  AWKWARD!