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I consider Wonder Woman to be one of the strongest heroes in comics both in body and mind.  She is loyal as can be but doesn’t allow her loyalties to overshadow what truly is right and just.  Now of course she has changed a great deal as time has moved forward, especially in her relationship with the Dark Knight.

In the early 90’s, Wonder Woman comes to Batman in awe, while still upholding her personal convictions.  She feels almost too innocent and vulnerable in the way she expresses herself to Batman…

Uncertain of the issue number and run....whoops!

Now, go forward almost a decade and here we have Batman coming to Wonder Woman in that exact same manner, and Wonder Woman taking the place of the awe-inspiring figure…

From Greg Rucka's "Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia." One of the strongest Wonder Woman stories I've ever read.

Thanks to Greg Rucka & Gail Simone, Wonder Woman really has become the strongest woman in comics today.  In turn, becoming the strongest hero in comics…period!


This is, by far, one of the coolest tings I’ve seen for comic book fan art!!!