Wonder Woman Wednesday – No One Better Than Lopresto

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Aaron Lopresti, DC Comics, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Wednesday

My opinion, no one has or will ever be as good at drawing Wonder Woman than Aaron Lopresti.  I can’t put my finger on it, but somehow he just GETS Wonder Woman.  He never made her super skinny and gave her this commanding look that was both confident, mature, and beautiful.  I truly felt as if I was gazing upon a Goddess when I read every issue of Wonder Woman when Lopresti was drawing her.

Now I don’t want to discount the outstanding talents of other Wondy artists, but for me they don’t a candle to Lopresti.  If on’y he would have stayed even after Simone left the book; it would have helped the engagement of the story so much more!  Oh well, here’s my picture parade tribute to the greatest Wonder Woman artist to ever live!  Aaron Lopresti!!

Incredible Profiling

One of my favorites by Lopresti

Wonder Woman Action At Its Best!!

Gorgeous...just gorgeous!

She's gonna jump out of the page and attack us!!!


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