Wonder Woman Wednesday: Hot…But Creepy

Posted: March 30, 2011 in DC Comics, DC Direct, Uncategorized, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Wednesday

So I’m sure we all saw the very well done Wonder Woman animated movie released a couple of years ago.  Apparently there was a statuette made via DC Direct that was based off of the animated movie’s characterization.  However, I saw this set of photos through a google images search, which was quite daunting to say the least.  This set of photos was shown in a one by one experience, meaning I had to click the “next” button to view the next. Let me walk you through my visual experience.  Be warned, you may like what you see, but be ready for a twisted ending…

Ok, this first pose is actually quite awesome; very dramatic and intense

This second pose is perfect for your computer wallpaper

Seriously, everything about this statuette screams awesome doesn't it?

They took great care in getting the details just right didn't they?

And then, after viewing a number of great photos, I told myself I was going to purchase this statuette because of how cool it would would among my collections.


until I saw this…….

HOLY SHIT!!  Her face is freaky!!!  I think I might have nightmares later!  Nevermind, I’ll refrain from buying this one!

To be honest, it’s a pretty awesome statuette; it’s pretty darned detailed and in the right positions, it’s really epic.  If you don’t get freaked out easily, I recommend adding this gem to your collection.

  1. Josh C. says:

    That’s creepy. I bet she’s comes to life and kills when nobody’s looking.

  2. Micah says:

    Wow…she kind of looks like a drag queen with that face :).

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